Monday, September 24, 2012

Linda Goodnight here, basking in the afterglow of The ACFW (American Christian Fiction Writers’)conference. Yesterday at breakfast someone asked for each person to share her/his highlight of the conference. I had many! But the best, by far, was the daily morning worship service. Wow! What a fantastic way to start each busy, busy day. Author Rachel Houck brings a worship band and her incredible anointing. I feel as if I meet with Jesus every single morning. So I ask myself:  How can I repeat this joyous worship every day even when I’m not at conference?  With the hustle and bustle of life, it’s hard, but I’m determined to start each new day with some worship music on my phone and some quiet time with Jesus.

What about you? How do you find extra time to spend those tone-setting, all important moments with Him?
Some of your favorite LI authors having dinner. Lacy Williams, Janet Dean, Janet Lee Barton, and Lenora Worth aka Elnora, along with their hubbies.


  1. I missed ACFW this year. I thought about you all while you were there. I like to post a scripture to my FB page each morning, so I try to take the time to read the chapter of the Bible where that verse is found. Not always successful, but I try.

  2. We missed you, too, Merrillee!

    And I like your idea of taking thet time to read a chapter and finding a verse that's "just right" for the day. What was today's verse?

  3. We missed you, Merrillee!

    I loved the worship time at ACFW also. Great idea to add music to my morning time with Jesus. I mix things up, so I don't get into a rut and lose focus. Journaling off a scripture passage is one of my favorites. It really pulls me deeper into the scripture.

  4. I agree, Linda! Rachel and the band were so inspiring! I don't know how to do that daily other than to play my favorite CD's. :)

  5. Merrillee, we missed you! People asked about you!