Friday, September 28, 2012

Ask Elnora--About The End??? Lenora Worth

There are two little words that Elnora loves. (Besides "Shoe Sale"). Those two words are "The End." Yes, I have reached the end of another work-in-progress for Love Inspired Suspense. Normally, I'm not this gleeful when I finish a contracted book, but this year has been a long one. Work-wise, it was a great year. I think I wrote about four books. I've lost count. I had a seven book contract and my editors graciously threw in a continuity story that was hard to refuse. (K-9 story!!! With three K-9 dogs in it!!!! I mean, Elnora loves me some K-9 officer dogs!) So that's eight books in about a year and a half. Seven down, one to go. I think I'm happy about this one being done because I had to push it back in order to write the continuity. Not complaining, just explaining. I will make my deadline (Monday) by the skin of my teeth. Oh, and I need to write three chapters for the next proposal by then, too. I am going undeground this weekend to do that.
Okay, all right, I'm not really going to a cave with my little friend Boudreaux but I will have to buckle in and write three chapters. I only tell you this to show just some of the fun writers have. Especially writers of commercial fiction. Commercial fiction is fast-paced and well ... commercial. We write a lot of books because we have a lot of impatient but lovable readers. This is not about a ten year literary event. This is about a love story that involves two people--that would be me and my computer. But it also involves telling a fast-paced, interesting story with a happy ending and then ... we get to do it all over again. I ask you, could there be a better job on earth? (Besides working in a shoe store that has a huge employee discount?) I think not. So for me, my little literary giants, the end is really about the beginning. When I finish a book, I take about a day to frolic and then I rub my hands together in glee and ... start all over again with the next one. (My frolic today--I got to run errands and have lunch with Big Daddy.) Could life be any better??? This begs the question--what to you love to do? If you had your dream job, what would it be? Let's discuss!


  1. Having just come back from Switzerland, I think my dream job would be hosting writer's retreats at my chalet in the Berner Oberland or Appenzell.

    Feeding writers Movenpick ice cream, leading hikes in the Alps, taking them to the chocolate factory in Broc. And then leaving them alone to write for hours on end.

    When I dream, I dream big.

    Peace and prayers for you this weekend, Julie

  2. Julie, count me in on that retreat! Ice cream, hiking in the mountains, and chocolate? Oh yeah. That's perfection.

    Like Lenora, I'm blessed to have my dream job - writing. I've also enjoyed my stint as research librarian (small wonder I write historicals), but nothing is as exciting as seeing a story unfold.

  3. Good luck to you this weekend, Lenora!

    I'm working my dream job as well. :)

    Welcome home, Julie! Sounds like you had a wonderful trip. I'll jump right on that retreat if you ever decide to do it! :)

  4. Julie, I am so there!! Sounds lovely!! Yes, we do have dream jobs and I have such dreamy friends and dreamy readers. I still have a bit of Hotel disease. Can't breath. But I'm good, really!

  5. Lenora, Even thinking about writing 8 books in a year gave me a headache. i tried to do 4 one year and I nearly burn out and stopped writing. You are amazing. And now I know how you afford all those SHOES!

  6. Lenora, you rock, girlfriend! And your writing schedule is amazing!

    So good seeing you and Big Daddy at ACFW. You looked lovely, as always.

    Julie, count me in on your Swiss writing retreat! Can't wait to see you next week at the Moonlight and Magnolias Conference!!! Woot!

  7. Christine and Missy will be there too!!! That calls for a Triple Woot!!!

  8. Oh yay! Moonlight and Magnolias is going to be so much fun! I look forward to meeting you, Julie.

  9. I discovered my dream job doesn't pay! I would be a professional cricket follower but cant afford the costs.
    My other dream job would be to get paid to help promote christian books online via, blog tour, etc.

  10. I would love to be at Moonlight and Magnolias!! Great conference!! When I get to Florida, I'm coming!! Lyn, I wrote those books in a little over a year and a half. A little extra time in there!!

  11. ok I wrote a post and blogger ate it.
    so annoying cos it showed it was here.
    dream job wasnt realistic. professional cricket follower.

    real dream job helping promote blog tours and christian books online.