Wednesday, January 29, 2014

The benefits of a retreat

Good morning, everyone! Danica Favorite here, and I woke up in a mini panic today because I've been out of town on a retreat and thought I missed my blogging day. Fortunately, I grabbed the calendar and realized it was today, so we're all good! Why is it so hard to get back into the swing of things after being gone?

I went on a spiritual retreat, and it was a really good experience. We spent an entire weekend focused on the story of The Good Samaritan. I've never done anything like that before, but I am really glad I did. It was so nice taking that one piece of Scripture and really letting it sink in. I've been on a number of retreats over the years with different church groups, and I think this one was my favorite.

So many times we think that we're too busy or it's too selfish to get away from our family and life obligations for a weekend to spend time focusing on our spiritual growth, but I'm firmly convinced that not only is it good for us to get away, it's necessary! One of the things we talked about at the retreat was that in order to take care of the people around you, you've got to take care of yourself too! It's like they always tell you on the plane: put on your own oxygen mask first!

If you get a chance to go on a retreat, whether it be with your church, or another group, I highly recommend it! I may still be confused about which day it is, but I feel pretty good about all the stuff I have to conquer and I feel much more capable of taking care of my family.

What about you? Have you had experiences with going on retreats?


  1. Thanks, Danica - - your retreat sounds wonderful! What a great idea to focus completely on one Scripture and take time to fully absorb it.
    Many years ago, I went on annual retreats with a group at my church--we always went to the north Georgia mountains, and it was amazing. Now that I'm thinking about this, it makes me yearn to go on another one, LOL.
    Thanks again for sharing!
    Blessings from *SNOWY* Georgia, Patti Jo :)

  2. I went on one for my first overseas trip. it was with an online group and we met in Vancouver Canada. It was a great time meeting everyone but also the worship side of it.

    Patti Jo greetings from boiling South Australia (ok I liked its not that hot yet but within a few hours it will be and the start of a week of heat over 100)

  3. Our church has a camp just a mere two hours away. I started out going there as a YA. Counseled there when I was older. Now, I'm there having fun at retreats.

  4. Patti Jo,I hope you get to go on another one soon! Well, as soon as your snow melts!

    Jenny, sounds lovely! I've always wanted to go to Vancouver.

    Pamela, I love how you've been able to keep going over the years!

  5. I agree, Danica. Retreats help rejuvenate and renew. I went on my first one this October. I can hardly wait for this year's event. I love the idea of digging deep into scripture. Too often I skim over passages thinking I understand when taking the time to truly look reveals so much more. Our pastor had us read a small passage of three paragraphs five times a day for five days. That's 25 times total. To my amazement, I discovered new insights each day, even on the 25th read-through.

    And yes, it's really tough to get back into the swing of things. Maybe that swing of mine is moving a tad too quickly for me to hop on board.


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