Wednesday, January 1, 2014

New Year Resolutions?

Terri Reed here.  Today is the first day of 2014!
Do you make resolutions?  Or do you call them goals?
I like the word goal better.  Resolution is too vague for me.  Goals I can see and work toward.
My goals for 2014 are:
*workout three to four days a week rotating between Pilates and strength training and dance.  I find I get bored doing only one kind of exercise.
*write some more
*take me dogs for a walk at least once a day, rain or shine (if its cold...might not happen)
*meet my deadlines
*take a vacation with my family
*go to RWA conference in July

What about you?

I wish you all a Happy New Year and many, many blessings from our dear Lord.


  1. I intend to write 1000 words a day.
    I intend to lose 40 pounds.
    I intend to be nicer (sigh... I think losing 40 pounds will be easier)
    I intend to hire someone to clean my house since I don't have time to do it.


  2. after spending so much time at the clinic last year I said to friends taking me today my goal is to go to the clinic less. Im off to a good start. Once already another visit next week.

    I don't really do resolutions I use to set a book reading target which I normally passed last year didn't get close. I have set it to 20 for the year.

    Hey I could come and clean for you I need more work once I get better.
    I can help you lose weight have a gall bladder issue and you will lose some quick. I lost 10 in a week or so. have put 2 back on which I am ok with as it was to much to fast.
    I am happy with where my weight is but want to keep it here.
    I do want to get back to walking more I miss walking 80 mins a morning but I know with my health issues it will take time. My goal is to just walk to the corner and then build on it. (so weak from the gall bladder attack but need to try).
    My goal is to learn to live with my new medical condition and find ways to do combine working with managing it.

  3. I don't make resolutions, but I do set annual writing goals. Thanks for reminding me that I still have to do that!


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