Friday, January 17, 2014

Her Secret Valentine Part 6 by Missy Tippens

Her Secret Valentine Part 6
by Missy Tippens

Nancy looked at Garth Willowby’s business card. Looked at the man himself. Then looked at her best friend, an idea taking shape.

“Are you thinking what I’m thinking,” Shanna asked with a laugh.

Nancy smiled and turned back to Mr. Willowby. “A P.I., huh? We’re trying to catch that man, too.”

“So you know him?”

“Well, honestly, I’m not sure. I think he could be my secret…uh…admirer.” Her scorching face must be as red as the three-inch spike heel in her hand.

His eyebrows lifted, and Nancy wanted to crawl away because laughter shone in his eyes. He was having entirely too much fun at her expense.

Shanna sidled up beside him and blessed him with one of her most winning smiles. A smile that tended to bring men to their knees. “Mr. Willowby—”

“Garth. Please call me Garth.”

Had Shanna just batted her eyes? Yes, she had.

Shanna batted them again. “Garth, could you tell us what you know about that man?”

The calm, cool charmer’s face suddenly streaked with red at Shanna’s attention. “I’m afraid I can’t do that. Client confidentiality and all that.”

“Then I’d like to hire you,” Nancy blurted. “To find that man who just ran down the street, the man who bought me vanilla biscotti.” A thrill shot through her. She might soon know the man who’d been wooing her with gifts and sweet words.

Sweet yet eerily familiar words. She sobered, thinking of the note that made her heart ache for lost love. Hadn’t it been him who always told her she needed to get out and enjoy life?

“Let me get this straight. You’d like to hire me to find your secret admirer?”

“Yep. Because the man’s note said Nancy's a natural beauty,” Shanna added in a sing-song voice.

The investigator’s Adam’s apple bobbed. “I’d say you’re both natural beauties.”

Nancy wanted to snap her fingers in front of his face but refrained for her friend’s sake. Could a romance be blooming? “So Garth, can I hire you to locate this man?”

Without looking away from Shanna, he nodded. “As long as any leads I get on the man keep me in Cupid’s Corner, I’ll be glad to work with you ladies.”


  1. Such a cute story! The biscotti is making me smile. Thanks, ladies for this fun read.

  2. LOL, the biscotti is making me hungry.

  3. I'd love some biscotti this morning, too. :)

  4. Missy, great job, great story!

    I'm smiling as I eat my biscotti! :)

    My maiden name was Willoughby...different spelling but pronounced the same.

  5. Thanks, Debby. I didn't know that about you!

  6. I mean cute! Its too dark to be typing I can't see the keyboard. Ugh. I can't wait to see what happens next.

  7. Oh, I'm behind but just reading all the great installments. I can't wait to see who the mystery man is!


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