Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Faith and Forgiveness

I’m so excited about my Love Inspired Suspense debut OUT OF HIDING. As a young girl, Sadie Lane witnessed the murder of her parents. Thrust into Witness Protection, she never forgot what happened—or the man who was responsible.

Instead of staying hidden, Sadie becomes a private investigator and searches out Igor Vladimir, the man who killed her parents. Sadie joins forces with FBI agent Kip Moore to track down Igor and bring an end to his criminal network. Although Kip doesn’t know the real reason that Sadie wants justice, he stands by her side.

Sadie has the strength to face danger head on because of her faith. It’s also her faith that pushes her to re-examine her motives. She knows deep within her heart that she desperately wants revenge against Igor for what he did. But she also knows that seeking that revenge is wrong. Kip also faces some past struggles and cannot forgive those who wronged him. Instead he has lived in a dark, painful place.

As they travel on this journey together, faith and forgiveness come to the forefront. Sometimes it is very difficult to forgive when you have been terribly wronged. The courage that it takes to forgive is found through faith. In fighting their battles, Sadie and Kip learn from each other and learn how faith can make a way.

How do you approach forgiving someone? Especially when you feel like you’ve been wronged? What role does faith play for you in that process?

This vow has kept P.I. Sadie Lane safe ever since she saw her parents murdered and then entered Witness Protection. But when she gets a lead on the long-ago killer she can't forget, Sadie joins forces with a dashing FBI agent leading his own investigation into the crime boss. Kip Moore makes her yearn to trust, but protocol demands Sadie keep her true identity hidden. Secrecy is all that has kept her alive. As they venture deep undercover into her target's syndicate, Sadie finds herself in over her head. Kip is her only hope as she comes face-to-face with a killer from her past. A deadly past that now threatens her future…and Kip's.

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  1. Rachel, great storyline, and I love the suspenseful cover, too!

  2. I love witness protection stories!

    I can't decide which is more handsome: your cover or your cat.

  3. Hi, Rachel. Congrats on the debut. Sounds like a great book. One I can't wait to read! :D

  4. Congratulations on your debut, Rachel! Witness protection stories are so much fun to read.

    Forgiveness when wronged takes lots of prayer and lots of repetition.

  5. Congratulations on your debut, Rachel! Seems to be the year of witness protection books. Mine coming out in Nov is, too and the mini-series is. I think it's cool how many different angles their are to these stories. :D

  6. Thanks, everyone! This has been such a wonderful experience, and I love being able to share my story.

  7. Great cover and what a suspenseful plot. How to forgive?
    I've learned that forgiveness is more about me than the person I'm forgiving. They might not ever know or change, but if I forgive a wrong doing I'm lifted above bitterness and worry. I can rest in the peace of God's love.

    So happy for you, Rachel ;)

  8. Rachel, Congrats on this book! As others have said, the cover and storyline sound great.
    Your cat is BEAUTIFUL!! :)
    Blessings, Patti Jo

  9. Love the cat - can't wait to read the book!

  10. Congratulations on your debut, Rachel! Sounds like a great story full of suspense and the power of forgiveness. Nice!

  11. Congrats on your debut novel, Rachel! Great story line--witness protection stories lend themselves to suspense and romance, don't they? Great post!

  12. Forgiveness is hard, but unforgiveness can rule your life. I once had to ask God to help me forgive, and He did. I am thankful that I can do that.
    Congrats on your new book, and welcome to the LI family.

  13. Wow, exciting! Congratulations Rachel on your book.


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