Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Summer Fun! Awards and An August Bride returns to Mule Hollow

Hi Everyone Debra Clopton here!

Like the others who have posted I returned from RWA and have also been busy busy busy!
The conference was wonderful and I saw good friends, editors, my agent and also learned a lot. I also came home with an unexpected award! My historical mail order bride novella AN EVER AFTER SUMMER won the National Readers Choice Award. I was so pleased and completely surprised. It was an honor to win the award. Other winners were Brenda Novak and Jodi Thomas among others who were hoping for the unique Tombstone award. I'll head to ACFW in September where the novella is a finalist in the Carol Award also and I'm just honored to be nominated.

I'm in between Love Inspired books right now  but  I do have a very cute novella out this month  from Zondervan and the Match Makin Posse of Mule Hollow have gone to Corpus Christi to Esther Mae's niece's beach  wedding and they have their sites set on Esther Mae's other niece Kelsey! I really think this is a very good story and all my readers and new readers will enjoy it! RT Mag reviews give it 4 stars.

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As far as Kelsey Wilcox is concerned, her last cowboy was the last cowboy.

Kelsey Wilcox has had enough of cowboys. After the last one broke her heart, Kelsey traded in her boots for flip-flops, and the open range for a bistro on the beach.  Her life on Corpus Christi’s gorgeous beach might be a little lonely, but at least it’s heartbreak-free. At least until her cousin’s beachside wedding bucks Kelsey right back into the rodeo.

When unlucky-in-love Brent Corbin packed his groomsman’s tux for his friend’s wedding, he brought his boots and belt buckle with him. Brent isn’t exactly looking for love, but when he sees what appears to be a mermaid in distress, he jumps right in to rescue her.

So Kelsey finds herself plucked from the sea—and certain-drowning—by a gorgeous groomsman . . . in soaked cowboy boots. She’s quick to say thanks, but no thanks.

Brent dedicates the weekend to pursuing Kelsey—and Kelsey spends the weekend trying to deny an obvious match. She’s as stubborn as a wild horse, but Brent’s determination may tame her yet.

Until next time live laugh and seek God with all your hearts!!!
Debra Clopton


  1. Ooo...I can't wait to read this one, Deb. The only thing better than cowboys are cowboys on the beach. :)

  2. Congrats on your award! And, a Carol nod, too cool!

  3. Thanks yall. I'm having fun and that translates in the books :) this story was a hoot to write. And it all started with a gold sequined mermaid dress!

  4. This looks like a fun read! Had a great time seeing you at RWA:)

  5. Any story that starts with a gold sequined mermaid dress has got to be just plain fun! Congrats on the release, Debra.

  6. I love these bride novellas! I love the cover too.
    Yea for you Debra!

  7. Congratulations on your contest win, your Carol Award final and your novella release! That's quite the trifecta!!!

  8. Congrats, Debbie!! I loved seeing your award at conference!

    LOL on the mermaid dress. :)

  9. What a beautiful cover on this book, I have to read about the August Bride, congrats on your award, sounds like fun with a gold sequined mermaid dress, didn't know they wore dresses....
    you are definately a fun gal Debra.

    Paula O

  10. Hey sweet Debra!
    Sorry I'm a day late but wanted to say CONGRATULATIONS on your Award!! How exciting!
    And I'm also happy that you're a Carol Award finalist too!
    I'll look for you at ACFW next month.
    Hugs from Georgia, Patti Jo :)


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