Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Christmas...a bit early! By Roxanne Rustand

Howdy from the colorful Upper Midwest, where the leaves are turning crimson and gold.

I love this time of year and always wish it could last a lot longer...yet today I'm jumping ahead to a feeling of cheery Christmas thoughts.  Which seems crazy, given our beautiful fall weather.  But....

While working on some new proposals for Love Inspired and Love Inspired Suspense, I  took a little side adventure into indie publishing, with three books of my own, plus a novella for an anthology that proved to be great fun.

Fourteen authors contributed full-length novels and novellas for  the "Sweet Christmas Kisses" anthology which is releasing today on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and  in a variety of other e-formats. These are all sweet (very mild) stories or inspirationals, and as of this morning it is #2 on the Inspirational Romance Kindle sales list. Which may be a very temporary state of affairs, but it's nice to see that people do like to read stories that are sweet and not all at racy.  It's over 1600 pages--so needless to say, it's an e-book and not in print!  :)

The top cover is for my novella within that anthology,  which let me relive the trip my husband and I took to the Scottish Highlands this spring.  What beautiful country it was...and what lovely, welcoming and gracious people!
                                    Better yet, it seemed as if every local person had a dog at their side, even in
stores and in many of the quaint pubs where we stopped for supper.
There were darling little West Highland terriers there in abundance,  so I made sure to include one of them in my novella: a story about a woman who receives an unexpected inheritance, but must travel to Scotland to receive it...and then finds she had no idea about what that inheritance entails.  :)

Do you like to read holiday-themed fiction when Thanksgiving, Christmas and Valentine's Day roll around? For those of you who are writers, so you prefer writing a story that is tied to a holiday season, or would you rather not?

Best wishes to everyone for a beautiful autumn, wherever you are!

Roxanne Rustand


  1. Roxanne, your novella sounds terrific. I absolutely love the British Isles but have yet to travel to Scotland. It is next on my list. I know when I read your book I will be wanting to go there now!!

  2. Congrats on your indie pubbing venture. This sounds like a wonderful collection. Call me traditional, but I prefer to shift into Christmas mode after Thanksgiving. That's true for other holidays too, so I save up holiday books until the holiday season is in full swing.

  3. How exciting about your collection, Roxanne! I'm happy to hear it'd doing so well!

  4. I love reading holiday stories. It helps me get in the Christmas mode, and last Christmas when I was going through chemo, it was a life line.

  5. I'm a sucker for a cover with a dog on it! :)

  6. Roxanne, Your novella songs great! I've always loves reading stories set around Thanksgiving and Christmas! And I like writing them, too. I look forward to reading your novella!

  7. Sorry I wasn't here to answer anyone yesterday. Thanks so much for the comments!

    The e-book anthology is now at (however temporarily!):

    #1 Inspirational,
    #2 romantic comedy
    #3 romantic anthologies

    and we are all hoping it will keep climbing on the Top 100 paid list. One thing for sure---no one could complain about the amount they get for 99 cents ---1600 pages! LOL!


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