Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Making The Most of Staying Home

Hi, Janet Lee Barton here.

So many of my friends and fellow Craftie Ladies are on their way to the ACFW Conference in St. Louis this week. Usually I am on my way, too. The ACFW Conference is one I recommend highly--especially for new writers of Christian fiction. It can't be beat. And there is so much excitement about seeing old friends and meeting new ones. Hurrying from class to class or just taking a breather to talk to friends you might not see for another year. Not to mention the building excitement for those who are up for an award at the Awards Ceremony on Saturday night.

But this year I'm not going and while I will occasionally feel sorry for myself, I do hope everyone has a wonderful time, enjoys themselves an extra bit for me and others who won't be going this year, and come home ready to get back to work and willing to share any news they might come home with.

Writing can be a lonely job at times and these conferences serve to energize writers as nothing else does, giving us a chance to talk to others who think like we do. Those who cannot NOT write.  Thankfully, we do have email and social media where we can still connect between those conferences and that is a blessing. It helps make it even more fun and exciting to get together with one another. Since I won't be there, I'm posting pics taking at Conference the last time it was in St. Louis.

The first of my sweet husband and me.  

And the next of very special friends I wish I could be with this year. 

And the last is a view from our room. Somehow I kind of feel I'm there! 

But I'm not there, so I've started working on the fifth story in my Boardinghouse Betrothal Series and am counting on those characters to keep me too busy to feel left out of all the fun for a few days.  Soon everyone will be back home, exhausted and happy, looking forward to next year. I pray for safe travel and wonderful times for all.


  1. Janet we are going to miss you and Dan but we understand how life goes. thanks for the pictures it brings back so many memories. Love you

  2. I went in 2011...I was a finalist for the Genesis. What an amazing group of people!

  3. We will miss you. Thanks for sharing your memories.

  4. Thanks for stopping by, Lori, Sherri and Christine!
    Please enjoy the conference a little extra for me this year!

  5. Janet, I was at the last ACFW conference in St. Louis, too. I'm glad I decided not to go this year because I fear I would be spending my time in the my room doing revisions. I hope those of you who are going have a fabulous time and learn lots.

  6. Hi Merrillee--I can sure understand you being glad you didn't try to go this year. It's no fun having to stay in your room and work when everyone else is having such a good time!
    But I have to admit, it's nice to know I'm not the only one that didn't go this year. :) Hope you get lots of work done!

  7. I'll hold down the fort with you, Janet. I'm home, too. :)

  8. BTW, I love your photos. You look stunning in that blue!

  9. Hey, Missy! And thank you so much--that jacket is one of my favorites! And I'm glad to have your company! :)


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