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Up Close and Personal - by Lacy Williams

Lacy Williams here, excited to talk to you about my new release, Her Cowboy Deputy, the next book in the Wyoming Legacy series with Love Inspired Historical.

In this book, sheriff’s deputy Matty White gets caught in a flooded creek (there’s a bad storm!) and injured. He wakes up and finds himself in bed with a broken collarbone and stuck in a small soddy (also known as a dugout). And he’s not alone. Catherine Poole lives on the homestead with her grandfather and helps take care of Matty while he’s injured.

So I had a lot of fun researching this book and imagining Matty stuck in that little one-room house. (Especially because Matty is one of the more sociable of the White brothers!). I know many families lived in this kind of home while they built a more permanent home.

I’ve had a similar experience over the past week as my family has been on vacation. It’s been five of us in one hotel room for the last seven days. At night, I’ve been whacked, kicked, snuggled, and overheated. During the day, my four-year-old starts bouncing off the walls (I can’t imagine doing it during the winter when he’d be stuck inside all the time!).

So Matty and Catherine are stuck in this small dugout together. For weeks. It’s no wonder that they start getting on each others’ nerves—and then forming a friendship. I hope you’ll check out the book!

What about you? Let’s talk today. Do you have vacation memories or other memories about being up close and personal with your family or maybe even friends? Leave a comment!

About Her Cowboy Deputy


Bear Creek sheriff’s deputy Matt White is used to being the rescuer, not the rescued. But now the hurt lawman’s marooned on Catherine Poole’s remote homestead. The little girl he’d known briefly as a child is all grown up—and tugging at his heart.

Isolated from the world around her, Catherine’s spent her whole life caring for her ailing grandfather. The last thing she needs is a cowboy stranded in her home. Let alone the memories he dredges up of a past she’s tried to put behind her. But can this deputy be her chance to finally move forward and find true happiness?

About the author

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USA Today bestselling author Lacy Williams works in a hostile environment (read: three kids age 5 and under). In spite of this, she has somehow managed to be a hybrid author since 2011, publishing 22 books & novellas. Lacy’s books have finaled in the RT Book Reviews Reviewers’ Choice Awards (2012, 2013, & 2014), the Golden Quill and the Booksellers Best Award. She is a member of American Christian Fiction Writers, Romance Writers of America and Novelists Inc.


  1. Oh yeah. I remember family vacations with all five of us in a pop-up camper or hotel room. Even when my husband and I took sailing trips in a very small sailboat, we would look for every reason to get outside. Love that photo of an old soddie...and can't imagine living in it! Those pioneers were tough!

  2. Hi Lacy,
    I do have memories of vacations we used to take to a farm. There were cabins for the families to stay in, but one year we couldn't get a cabin and got stuck in a room in the huge boarding house. The next year my parents bought a lake house for vacations. I'm guessing the boarding house was a tad too much togetherness.

    I love the premise of your story! One of the first stories I ever imagined had the heroine finding the hero wounded and nursing him back to health. Alas, it was set during the Revolutionary War and that was out of vogue at the time.

  3. We're campers. When my son was two, we were in a small pop up, only two beds and a table, and it rained where we were camping for three days - the kind of rain where we couldn't leave (truck would get stuck).

    I still wake up screaming.

    Not really, but we bought a new camper (used) and it came with a bathroom for me!


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