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FEATURED BOOK AND INTERVIEW: Her Cowboy Deputy by Lacy Williams


Bear Creek sheriff’s deputy Matt White is used to being the rescuer, not the rescued. But now the hurt lawman’s marooned on Catherine Poole’s remote homestead. The little girl he’d known briefly as a child is all grown up—and tugging at his heart. 

Isolated from the world around her, Catherine’s spent her whole life caring for her ailing grandfather. The last thing she needs is a cowboy stranded in her home. Let alone the memories he dredges up of a past she’s tried to put behind her. But can this deputy be her chance to finally move forward and find true happiness?

How exciting to have Matty White and Catherine Poole, the hero and heroine from Her Cowboy Deputy written by Lacy Williams an October 2015 release from Love Inspired Historical.

Matty: Are you excited about the interview today, Catherine?
Catherine: What interview? You didn’t invite people here, did you?
Matty glances around the small clearing. Catherine’s home is a small dugout built into the Wyoming landscape. There’s a small barn off to one side, but other than a donkey flicking one ear their direction, there’s no one around.
Matty: Not people people. Readers.
Catherine, looking confused: Readers?
Matty: You know. The folks who are going to buy and read our book.
Catherine, now shaking her head: You know I don’t like crowds.
Matty: There’s no crowd here. Why don’t I ask the questions and we’ll keep it nice and quiet.
Catherine: Between the two of us?
Matty glances around again, his eyebrows raised in exaggeration.
Matty: We’re the only ones here. So, first question: tell me the most interesting thing about you.
Catherine: That’s not a question.
Matty waits.
Catherine: I’m not interesting.
Matty: Yes, you are. You know how to live off the land. You’ve been taking care of your grandpop for years. You take care of the homestead, almost all by yourself.
Catherine: That’s not interesting. It’s boring. It’s just my life.
Matty: Your life isn’t boring. I dropped in to it, didn’t I?
He grins endearingly at her.
She blushes.
Catherine: Only because the storm delivered you almost right to my doorstep!
Matty rubs at a fading scratch at his hairline.
Matty: I remember. That kind of answers the second question: what do you do for fun?
Catherine: Rescue bedraggled cowboys from drowning?
He grins.
Catherine: Or did you mean the kiddie games you like to play?
Matty: Eye spy isn’t a kiddie game. It’s for everyone.
Catherine: Oh really?
Matty: Let’s move on. What do you dread doing?
Catherine: Going to town.
Matty: That was a quick answer.
Catherine: I hate town. There’s too many folks there.
Matty: How can you say that? I don’t like it out here. It’s far too quiet. Nothing going on.
Catherine just harrumphs.
Matty: Next question—
Catherine: Can’t we be done yet?
Matty: There’s six questions left.
Catherine wrinkles her nose, then looks off in the distance. He can see from the set of her jaw that she’s a little upset.
Matty: What is the most important thing to you.
Catherine (firmly): My grandfather. He’s taken care of me since my mama died.
Matty nods.
Matty: I’ve seen the way you take care of him. It’s obvious you love him.
Catherine: He’s been my only family for years.
Matty: I think that’s pretty admirable.
She blushes again.
Matty: I guess we can skip the rest of the questions. I think readers can get to know you from what you’ve said here today.
Catherine: Who are the readers, again?


Grab a copy of one of Lacy’s books free by visiting her website

USA Today bestselling author Lacy Williams works in a hostile environment (read: three kids age 5 and under). In spite of this, she has somehow managed to be a hybrid author since 2011, publishing 22 books & novellas. Lacy’s books have finaled in the RT Book Reviews Reviewers' Choice Awards (2012, 2013, & 2014), the Golden Quill and the Booksellers Best Award. She is a member of American Christian Fiction Writers, Romance Writers of America and Novelists Inc.


  1. I love the interview especially when she blushes.

  2. Love the interaction between them - I have the book on my to read list - can't wait to read it.

  3. Love the interaction between them - I have the book on my to read list - can't wait to read it.


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