Thursday, November 12, 2015

Backlist eBooks for $1.99

Hi Terri Reed here. So this is happening! The Craftie Ladies of Romance's publisher Harlequin is having a huge sale on select backlist ebooks. The discounted books will be available from November 10th – November 17th at, Barnes and Noble, Nook, Google and Kobo (US only).

A searchable list is available here on the Harlequin blog. 

Type in your favorite author and a list of their backlist sale books appears. 

Did you know…? 
Harlequin started publishing eBooks in Oct 2005. 
Harlequin was the 1st major publisher to make its complete front-list catalog available in the eBook format. 
Harlequin was one of the 1st romance publishers to offer the eBook format. 
Harlequin has published approximately 27,000 titles LTD. 
Harlequin publishes eBooks in 16 languages, including major languages such as English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, German and Japanese. 
Romance is one of the most popular categories in digital publishing. 

And for some Christmas Cheer my newest release Murder Under the Mistletoe is out!  This is book 3 of the Northern Border Patrol series.  I'm working on book 5 now. Book 4 comes out in February.  

DEA agent Tyler Griffin must stop a drug cartel that's using an Idaho Christmas tree farm to smuggle narcotics across the Canadian border. But to do his job, Tyler needs the cooperation of farm owner and widowed mother Heather Larson-Randall—whose informant brother died on Tyler's watch. Tyler knows a crucial piece of evidence is hidden somewhere on the property. But getting the protective mother to trust him is the hardest part of his mission. As threats against Heather mount, he vows to keep her and her child safe…and clear the farm of danger before Christmas. 
Northern Border Patrol: Keeping the US-Canadian border safe.


  1. I just facebooked this. My very old books are not on sale, nor my recent. But the ones from a few years ago are. Way cool.

  2. I noticed that my oldest books aren't on sale either, but my most recent series is all on sale. This is a great opportunity to grab some wonderful reads at a super price or to pick up a missing volume in a series.

  3. Help, is anyone having difficulty ...or am I DUH....I did as instructed, wheel spins like books are coming up, but the same starting page the home page. It does not bring up an author's books! ?????


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