Friday, November 6, 2015

What's your favorite thing about fall.... Lenora Worth

It's that time of year. The time where Christmas decorations start popping up right after school starts. We have Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas, usually in that order but lately things are getting a little confusing. It's like Valentine's Day with Mardi Gras thrown in. Beads or Chocolate?

What is your favorite thing about fall?

I don't like to rush things so I truly wish retailers would go with the order of things. Plenty of time to put out Halloween things after the back-to-school-rush. And let's enjoy Thanksgiving before we dive into standing in line for bargains to put underneath the tree. This can be the most wonderful time of the year if we celebrate at the right time of the year.

But not to worry, fall is still magical and wonderful and part of the process that God put on the calendar that week he created the earth. Spring--things are reborn, Summer--things get a little world-weary and warm. Fall--things turn golden and misty and the earth reclaims the leaves from the trees. Winter--a big chill makes us long for blossoms and sitting on a green hill. It's a system that works if we just allow each season to have it's very own reason. So in honor of how the four seasons are set up I'm going to share some pictures of nature and it's bounty today. In case you missed Summer because you were searching for pumpkins and in case you missed fall because you were knee-deep in Christmas decorations! Enjoy: These moments are brought to you by God! His world is amazing :)

This last one is a reissue of one of my Christmas favorites from 2009!
Had to get in a book cover, of course!


  1. I like spring as its not too hot n not too cold. However for 8 days of spring went on holiday n experienced winter temperatures for this girl from the tropics. Made me appreciate the warm weather more :)

  2. I'm a warm weather girl, too. I certainly understand that feeling. I love spring!!!

  3. What a great reminder of the blessings of each season. I'll try to remember that when the snow flies. With each passing year I like winter less, but it sure does make spring extra special.

  4. Autumn is my favorite time of year. I love the colors and if you can visit Colorado when the Aspens turn gold, then your year is complete.

  5. The thing I like most about fall are the leaves, but where I live you don't see much change. So fall isn't my favorite season. It signals the coming of cold weather that I don't like, but it is nice for a little cool down from the really hot, hot, hot of summer in Arizona.

  6. Fall is my VERY favorite season of all (even though each season has its own special beauty!). :) Besides cooler temps and pumpkins, I really enjoy the gorgeous leaves. This past week all I've had to do is look out my kitchen windows to see a glorious display of fall colors - - Love it!
    Thank you for sharing your photos, Elnora. God's creation is SO amazing!
    Hugs, Patti Jo

  7. Thanks for the comments, ladies. It has turned cool and rainy here so I guess fall is official! Good day to stay in an read. :)


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