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Lone Star Cowboy League Continuity Miniseries

Bighearted Ranchers in small-town Texas

Welcome to Love Inspired's 2015-2016 Continuity Mini-series!

The Cowboy's Second Chance 

As president of the Lone Star Cowboy League, rancher Carson Thorn is committed to serving his community of Little Horn. But when high school sweetheart Ruby Donovan returns, his steadfast pledge is tested. Ruby left town twelve years ago—stealing money from his father and breaking Carson's heart in her wake. Now she's asking for his trust—just as her brother becomes Carson's prime suspect in the rash of recent ranch thefts. Carson is torn. His town is depending on him for justice, but one look in Ruby's eyes has him questioning everything he thought he knew—about truth, about love and about the wisdom of second chances…

A Season for Healing 

As Little Horn, Texas, prepares for Thanksgiving, Dr. Tyler Grainger tries to count his blessings. Returning to his family's ranch brings bittersweet memories of the sister he lost. But one thing he canbe grateful for is Eva Brooks, who's just become the nanny for her cousin's baby. Tyler is glad to offer advice, but when his late sister's horse is stolen, Eva's the one who helps him cope. Tyler's past heartache urges him to ride off into the sunset—alone. Yet the holiday season offers hope that the good doctor may have finally found a woman to heal his heart.

From Leigh Bale:
Writing is usually a solitary job.  But writing "A Doctor for the Nanny," which is the 2nd book in the Lone Star Cowboy League series, it was delightful because I got to bounce ideas off of several of my fellow authors who were also writing books in this fun series.  When something wasn't going well, we could chat and find ways to make it work.  It was like having a "brain bank" to make each story within the series more effective.  I thoroughly enjoyed this series. 
A Christmas to Remember 

In Little Horn, Texas, Amelia Klondike is known as the Queen of Christmas. Her generosity and sheer joy during the holidays is contagious—to everyone except Finn Brannigan. The attractive, wounded stranger doesn't know who he is or where he came from—and he isn't feeling merry at all. It isn't long before Amelia, her grandfather and their adorable dog begin to warm Finn's heart. But when Finn's memory starts to return, his past as a Texas Ranger—the one thing that might cause Amelia to withdraw from him—is revealed. And he worries that he may lose his chance for one perfect Western Christmas with the woman he can't bear to forget…

From Allie Pleiter:

The most exciting thing about working on A RANGER FOR THE HOLIDAYS was the chance to finally use my amnesia experience in a book.  In 2010 I developed a case of Transient Global Amnesia, which meant that I lost a portion of my memory and my ability to process new information for about 4 days.  It was a temporary phenomena—brought on by the stress of my son’s cancer at the time—but we are both absolutely fine now.  I like to think I was able to use the fear and disorientation of my experience to make Finn’s full-scale amnesia come truly alive for readers.

A Cowboy's Homecoming 

Since his return to Little Horn, Texas, former special ops soldier Grady Stillwater has felt lost. Stillwater Ranch needs his attention—and so does his brother's abandoned baby. But the injuries Grady sustained in Afghanistan have skewered his confidence. Physical therapist Chloe Miner offers hope and guidance—and a balm for the cowboy's wounded heart. Little does he know that Chloe is hiding a life-altering secret of her own. The sweet girl he remembers from high school has a baby on the way, and she may need Grady every bit as much as he does her…

His Unexpected Valentines 

Clint Daniels knows he is nobody's sweetheart. The rugged mountain guide has lived most of his life alone, and with his heartbreaking past, he can't imagine a domestic future with anyone. Especially not a warm and graceful widow like Olivia Barlow. But when her three towheaded little boys approach him at the Lone Star Cowboy League's annual Valentine's dance, he finds it impossible to turn them away. Clint isn't prepared to be a father, but these boys draw out his paternal side. And somehow, vulnerable Olivia and her children begin to make the cowboy suspect their wary hearts might actually be a perfect match…

From Deb Kastner:

It was an absolute delight working with the other five ladies in the Lone Star Cowboy League continuity. My favorite part was the process of world-building with the others, based on the original story conceived by editor Shana Asaro. It was great having the opportunity to sling around ideas and to have other authors around when I got stuck on a plot point. I truly enjoyed writing A DADDY FOR HER TRIPLETS and hope readers will enjoy the whole series.

The Cowboy's Unexpected Family 

Awakening from a months-long coma, Ben Stillwater is met with a big surprise: the footloose bachelor cowboy is a father! Ben tries to adjust to life with baby Cody and decides what the child really needs is a mom. Sheriff Lucy Benson does not seem a likely candidate—she already has her hands full closing in on the thieves who have been targeting the ranches of Little Horn, Texas. But the closer Ben gets to Lucy—and the closer they get to solving the mystery—the more it seems the free-spirited rancher and the determined officer could be the perfect match.

From Margaret Daley:

I've taken part in a lot of continuity series but usually it is a Love Inspired Suspense series. This is my third for Love Inspired and I had a great experience working with the other authors. They were so willing to share and help each other. They worked as a team to make the best continuity series.

I loved the story I was given with a female sheriff and a rancher with a baby. I read all the other books before I turned in my story to make sure it addressed and tied up the loose threads. I had the last book in the Lone Star Cowboy Series. I had the fun of wrapping it up at the end and giving the readers a glimpse at all the couples in the previous books.

We hope you've enjoyed a peek into the books and the authors, and we encourage you to pick up all six books in the series!


  1. Oh my how fun is it to get a peek at a series by 6 different authors! I've read other continuing books by various authors and it's always amazing to me how they keep the story going & straight :-) I'd probably get confused....haha! Guess I'll be adding these to my TBR pile since they ALL sound good. Thanks for sharing snippets of your stories ladies and how you got your inspiration for each one. So fun!!

  2. Looking forward to this series. It's always amazing how y'all get the many pieces and parts working together. /can't wait.


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