Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Changing Direction

Have you ever been going down one road of life and then changed direction making a sharp right turn? Or even a U-turn?

Maybe it was a relationship, a job, or a habit. Life is full of changes and decision points along the way. Sometimes it’s perfectly clear to us which path we should take. Sometimes we are blissfully sailing along until an event happens that causes us to question everything. And sometimes our faith leads us to make changes in our lives.

In Picture PerfectMurder, Lily Parker leaves her career as a CIA agent to become a photographer. Talk about a major change! Lily loved being in the CIA, but the pain she endured while being an agent was too much to overcome. So she left that life behind to pursue another passion—photography. She found a freedom while taking photos that she didn’t find anywhere else.

Have you ever slammed on the metaphorical brakes and taken a completely new path in life?


  1. For my husband and me, it was moving from Florida to Arizona. We had pretty much thought we would retire in Florida, but our two granddaughters lured us to Arizona. That was a big change.

  2. Rachel, I love that Lily realizes the need for a career change and acts on it. Many people remain in jobs they dislike and are perpetually unhappy, which is so sad.

    A big change for me was marrying a teacher who dreamed of moving to Germany and teaching the children of U.S. military personnel. That dream came true a year into our marriage, and we enjoyed four and a half years living in Fürth (by Nürnberg), Germany. God worked in a mighty way in my life during that time abroad. I'm so grateful to have had the experience.

  3. I loved this book. The biggest change I have made was 5 years ago. I was working in Customer Service at Blue Cross Blue Shield. I was making pretty good money, but was ready for something with less stress. I could have retired but I wasn't ready to and also wasn't sure I walk away from the salary and benefits. My church office offered me a job as Church Secretary part time. I made the change and have not regretted it one bit. Best decision I ever made.

  4. The biggest change I made was divorcing my husband and moving to Idaho. God worked it all out for my good just like He said He would. I'd do it all over again in a heartbeat!


  5. I guess the biggest change for me was becoming a grandma. I never realized how much I would love it.
    I can't wait to read Picture Perfect.

  6. I love the challenge to reexamine our choices and be brave enough to change directions if we need to!


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