Thursday, March 3, 2016

What if?

                                                        What if ?
Lorraine Beatty

What if is the writer’s favorite question. It’s the one that takes the glimmer of an idea and turns it into a book. It’s also a question that can haunt us and drive us crazy. What if, I hadn’t made that hurtful remark? What if, I’d waited for things to unfold? What if, I’d told her the truth? Ouch.
           What if is where I started with The Nanny’s Secret Child. I’d read dozens of articles about adult adopted children going in search of their birth parents, but I’d never seen interviews on the other scenario-a parent going in search of a the child they gave up. The idea intrigued me. But it wasn’t an easy plot to work out. In fact it sat in my computer “future ideas” file for many years. I’d pull it out and look it over, maybe add a few new thoughts then I move on to another idea.
           Finally all the pieces and parts came together and Julie Bishop’s story could be told.
When a request comes into the agency she works for looking for a short term nanny in the Montgomery home she jumps at the chance. It’s an opportunity to spend time with the little girl she gave up. It’s not a good idea but what harm could it do? No one would be hurt and she could finally be at peace and know that her child was in a good and loving home before she makes a permanent move overseas.
           Haven’t we all been there? We’ve taken that one small step that changes everything, made a decision that leaves us asking over and over again – what if?
           All is not lost for our Julie. I’ve given her Gil Montgomery, a man with a trunk full of his own what ifs and a little girl with a few questions of her own. Thankfully we have a God of second chances and He is able to turn all the what ifs into blessings.
           The Nanny’s Secret Child is the second visit with the five Montgomery siblings. When their father passes suddenly their lives are turned inside out. Each one will have to take a step back, reevaluate their lives and perceptions, and walk a new path that will take them to their happily ever after. I hope you enjoy the twists and turns that ultimately bring Julie and Gil together.

Book #1in the Montgomery’s of Dover is Her Christmas Hero, LI Nov 2015



  1. Lorraine, that sounds so good! A great series idea. :))

  2. Thanks :) I'm have a great time writing all these.

  3. I agree. Looks like what I read :)

  4. Wow, I can't wait to read it, Lorraine. Interesting series idea.

  5. The premise of the book sounds difficult and wonderful. I can appreciate that it wouldn't have been easy to write. It sounds like a great read!


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