Friday, May 6, 2016

My month of meeting readers--Lenora Worth :)

Hello and happy first Friday! Hope everyone had a lovely Cinco de Mayo. April went by quickly for me since I had two major trips and a move from our townhouse to a new house and of course, deadlines. I think I might have missed spring. But I've had some good times. After I had fun at the Romantic Times Convention in Las Vegas, we traveled up to Georgia for a funeral. All of my brothers have gone to heaven and it's sad to think about that. But a week after that, Big D and I headed to Milwaukee, Wisconsin, for the Barbara Vey Reader Appreciation Weekend. This was the fifth anniversary and we had lots of events planned. My first time there, so I had to learn the ropes, so to speak.

Winnie Griggs, that adventurous rebel, got me involved. We did a pre-conference bingo game that brought in two-hundred and fifty winners. I posted some pictures on another blog but I'm posting a few of them here, too. I attended these two back to back events because early on, I made a resolution to connect with readers more this year. I sure have done that. Our readers are so loyal and supportive and giving and lovely. I appreciate them so much. They made the lack of sleep and the constant sore muscles from smiling so worth it!

So here are some pictures for you to enjoy! Oh, and I'm excited about my May release--Truth and Consequences. I have a quote from that book for you, too. This story was challenging but I loved the characters and my K-9 officer dog Hunter. :)

Here I am with Liz Talley. She's a true southern girl and she has a new book out right now titled Charmingly Yours.

Here I am with my table guests. Standing Kathryn Seitz, Beth Sternhagen, Suzi Zimmerman, me, Renata Canino, Stacy Thoreson. Sitting: Stephanie Moran and Dee Ann Fugate.

My table had a beach theme. It was fun to decorate and then have a nice long chat with readers. We had a signing later that was fast and furious and crowded and then some more fun events. Winnie and I had breakfast with four wonderful readers on Sunday morning, too. All in all a nice weekend even if it was too cold for my southern blood.

My next reader adventure will be at the Heart of Dixie Reader Luncheon in Huntsville, Alabama in June. I'm looking forward to that one, too.

Readers, we love you and we enjoy hearing from you. Some days can be very discouraging but a cheerful word from a reader friend always brightens even the worst day! Thank you so much!

This is our goody table at the Bingo game. Winnie and Liz Talley had some cool gifts and the rest of us contributed door prizes. 

Here's a quote from my May release:


  1. Readers rock! I love spending time with mine whenever I can.

    I'm glad you had these two great opportunities to spend time with readers at the RT Convention and at Barbara Vey's luncheon. What fun!

  2. Thanks, Keli. I had a good time and met so many nice people. Now I'll stay out for a while. And write!!

  3. Oh, Lenora I would have loved to meet you!! Even though it was a busy April, it sounds like you had a terrific time! I bet your readers were just as eager to meet you.

    I just bought "Truth and Consequences",the second book in the Rookie K-9 unit continuity series. I've read Terri's and will be investing in each book because I'm hooked, lol! I think I love the 4-legged officers as much as the 2-legged :-) I can't wait to read it and make new friends and visit old ones. Thanks for sharing your pictures, they are delightful!

  4. Lenora, it sounds like you had a lot of fun. It's always nice to meet the people who read our books.


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