Thursday, January 5, 2017

A Year of Anticipation

Lisa Jordan sharing with you this morning! 

I’ve read different posts on Facebook about how 2017 is going to be somebody’s great year!

I can understand the desire for a fresh start with a clean slate, especially if the previous year stole your joy, your hopes, and caused a lot of pain.

For me, though, January 1st seemed like any other day. I didn’t have an overwhelming desire to make a long list of resolutions. In fact, I don’t make resolutions at all.

Instead, I chose one word as my key focus for the year. I use this word in my prayers, my journaling, how I approach my relationships, and in my careers—I have a day job in addition to writing novels.

I’ve done this since 2009, and it’s made a difference in how I approach my dreams and the goals I put in place to make those dreams happen.

For 2016, I chose Thrive as my word. I wanted to Thrive in my health, in my relationships, and in my writing. Ironically, my health took a downturn and I spent the summer in crippling pain. My writing didn’t thrive the way I had anticipated and mapped out. However, several relationships strengthened. And God was with me the entire time—during the pain, during the disappointments, during the celebrations.

This year I’ve chosen Anticipation. Originally, I had different words in mind—joy and courage, which I had melded into courageous joy, but during our Christmas Eve service, our pastor spoke about Anticipation. He said, “Turn anticipation into participation to give God the opportunity to move in our lives.”

God whispered, “That’s your word—anticipation.”

At that moment, I felt such peace.

I’ve pondered my dreams and outlined goals for 2017. Moving beyond my comfort zone requires some stretching, but that’s the only way we grow, right? I’ve chosen a new adventure with my writing. I’m facing a fear in my day job and stepping out in faith to achieve a new milestone.

So what does anticipation look like for my year? I have no idea. But I know with God leading the walk, I have nothing to fear. I will go wherever the Lord leads me because that participation, even if I do feel fearful, will give Him the opportunity to move in my life. Since He knows what’s best for me, that’s the ultimate goal for anyone.

Your Turn: Do you make resolutions? Do you choose a word as a focus? Perhaps you create goals? Or maybe you do something completely different? Please share.


  1. No resolutions. No words. I just take one day at a time.

  2. Lisa, I'm sorry about your illness last year.

    I've received One Words for about a decade and love having something to hold onto as the days pass. This year, I've been blank, although today while in church a new One Word came to me that seems perfect. I asked the Lord to provide confirmation in case the word is my inspiration and not His. So...I'm waiting...

    I used to make yearly goals. Not so much anymore. Maybe I'm content in my routine.

    Hugs and Happy 2017!

  3. my word for the year is hope, hope mum will recover fully, hope i will have some great vacations, hope for love...i think last years word was adenture with new adventures both goood bad n learning for growth

  4. Lisa, I tend to make goals/resolutions for my writing and I've been doing the One Word for my year.

    To be truthful, most years I forget the word. So I was thinking that perhaps I should choose intentional as my word this year and make myself more intentional about the things I do. But I wasn't sure. Then today my email devotional arrived and it said, "You were made to live intentionally. You were made to choose how you live your life, not to let life simply happen to you."

    Wow! That spoke exactly to my heart. So maybe I'll be trying the word one more time.


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