Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Flowers in January?

by Jill Kemerer

Where I live in northern Ohio, winter is drab and colorless. Spring flowers don't poke through the ground until late March or early April. I'm always amazed when I see pictures on Facebook of daffodils and tulips popping up in January from other parts of the country.

I find ways to bring flowers and plants into my January life. We have a little tree in our formal dining room. Just looking at the delicate branches and pretty leaves brings hope that the grays, browns and whites of winter will soon pass.

Our church was disposing of unclaimed poinsettia plants a few weeks ago. I brought one home. It had some crispy edges, but it's doing nicely in our front living room. The crimson blossoms and deep green leaves are a welcome jolt of color in our home.

My poinsettia--so far, so good!

Sometimes I'll shop the clearance floral section at our local supermarket. A discounted bouquet brightens any day. They are good for my soul.

Other ways I find color in winter?

- Hiking the trails in our metroparks. Evergreen trees, holly berries, purple branches, yellow grass--all contrast with an overcast white sky.

- Borrowing a Birds & Blooms magazine from our library. Nothing like paging through pictures of beautiful gardens to fight the winter blahs.

- Using neon sticky notes when working and bright colored pens to write in my day planner.

- Buying colorful fruits and vegetables. Oranges seem more vibrant on a January day. Romaine is greener. Strawberries and blueberries add flavor and color to a smoothie.

- Watching a television show or movie set on a beach. HGTV has plenty of options.

Winter seems long and drab for northern states, but I make the best of it.

When do spring flowers appear where you live?

Have a terrific day!


  1. Jill, these are great ideas that I hadn't thought of. I do buy plants in the clearance section in my grocery store however. I love HGTV but get so caught up in the show I forget to pay attention to the beautiful scenery. It's been a drab gray odd winter here too. Thankful this is the last week of January.

  2. Christina, here in Texas we've had almost Spring-like weather. Yesterday was gorgeous. I've noticed the little tiny yellow flowers that look like tiny daisies (they are probably weeds) are springing up all over our yard. Love to see those little guys and they're obviously tough. Here's hoping Winter is short and Spring comes soon.

  3. Great ideas for color to brighten your day! Thank you for sharing. I always loved watching the Masters golf tournament in early April, though not for the golf. I looked for those beautiful azaleas and brilliant green grass, knowing that "spring" flowers were a month away and green trees an even longer wait.

  4. PS - It never occurred to me why I so love those HGTV shows about finding your Caribbean dream home or Beachfront bargain. Now I know!!!

  5. I love plants in a house. Unfortunately, my reality show would be dead plants in a house. I have a bougainvillea in the front year which is my prize. My husband is always trimming it toooooo short. Then, it thrives. Not sure that counts for spring, though.

  6. Christina, yes, drab and gray sums up our winter, too. Although I can't complain because we haven't had the severe cold or heavy snow of years past!

    Mary, I would love to see little yellow flowers poking through! They sound cute and happy!

    Christine, I hadn't thought to watch golf! Great idea! And it's a relaxing sport to watch. I'm adding it to my list!

    Pamela, haha!! My husband is much better at keeping plants alive than I am. The poinsettia is my pet project, though. I'm hoping with just one plant to focus on, I can keep it alive!

    Thanks for chiming in!

  7. I still have flowers blooming in my yard. Vincas will last through the winter here if it doesn't get too cold. We are coming up on some freezing night temps. I will cover them and hope they survive. They also survive the summer heat. In the spring here the cacti bloom. When I lived up north, I always loved the daffodils and tulips in the spring.

  8. I live in Alabama, so the flowers in my area usually start blooming early spring (sometimes sooner if the weather is warm enough). I love roses and recently planted 3 rose bushes (pink) in the flowerbed along the front of my house. I have Indian Hawthorne that blooms a lovely white against their medium green leaves (which stay green all winter). There's nothing like watching the trees in my neighborhood sprout their beautiful green leaves and birds of all kinds start to build their nests after a a drab winter.

    It's the end of January and we're just now starting to experience lower temps, but down here we know one part of the week can be in the upper 60s/lower 70s and the remaining part of the week we can be under a winter storm advisory. So, I like to decorate my home year round in spring colors just so I don't feel as nutty as our weather. :)

  9. Merrillee, I'm not familiar with Vincas! I'm going to Google them. I'm guessing they're pretty. I can't imagine cacti in Ohio! Enjoy your pretty blooms!

    Savannah, I love rose bushes. In our previous house, my husband grew several bushes, and I would cut the full blooms and float them in little water glasses. So pretty! I miss them. you enjoy yours, and I hope you don't get that storm!

  10. We have daffodils breaking through the soil. They'll bloom in FEB.

    I love house plants. Peace lilies droop when they need water and are easy to manage. A friend gave me a beautiful container with lots of plants for Christmas, which continues to bring me joy.

    Plus, I try to keep a bouquet of fresh cut flowers in my kitchen that cheer me even on drab, dreary days.

  11. Debby, aww! I love it when spring flowers poke through! It will be a few months before ours do. :)

    Fresh flowers in the kitchen are good for the soul. They always pick me up!


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