Sunday, May 14, 2017

Because I Love You: Mother's Day

Several times over the years, my birthday has fallen on Mother's Day, as it will this year. My mom went home to the Lord 30 years ago, but I'm really thinking of her this year. Doesn't matter how old you are or how old your children are, Mother's Day is special for all concerned. Happy Mother's Day to all the moms out there. You matter, and you will always matter. God bless you all! 

Arlene James

My mother is dead and I miss my mother everyday. But she will always be with me in my memories.The job of being a mother is one of the most important jobs a person can have. Happy Mother's Day to all the mothers out there.

Margaret Daley

A happy Mother's Day shout out to all women who work great deeds of wonder and love in all aspects of their lives. 

 Leigh Bale

Wishing you and all mothers a Happy and Blessed Mother's Day. I'm missing mine today.

Jean C. Gordon

Wishing a happy and blessed day for all who care for others.
Dana R. Lynn

Wishing all the moms a wonderful Mother's Day. You nurtured our love of reading, opening up new worlds and ideas to us. Thank you, Mom.

Christine Johnson

"The day God made me a mother was one of the happiest moments of my life.  
Being a mother to my two daughters is such a gift. I
 try to give them all the love my own mother gave me. 
Wishing everyone a blessed Mother's Day."

Belle Calhoune
Twelve years ago, I lost my mom when she was far too young. Each year on Mother's day I go to her grave with flowers and do my best to remember all the happy times we shared. Love and miss you, Mom!

Laura Scott

Happy Mother’s Day to all the mom’s, grandmother’s and mother figures. May you be blessed with love, encouragement and surrounded by family today and every day.

Terri Reed

To my mom, Grandma, and Aunt Katie who surrounded me with love and tried (really tried) to import wisdom.  I miss you every day.

Pamela Tracy

Wishing all you moms out there a most blessed Mother's Day. Thanks for all you do!

Deb Kastner

For all the moms of babies and toddlers--bless you. Your days are long, your shirts stained from tiny fingers, and, yes, your children need you. You matter.
For all the moms of tweens and teens--bless you. You no longer can make problems disappear with a cookie, the hugs aren't as bountiful as they were a few years ago, and, yes, your children need you. You matter.
For all the moms of adults--bless you. You aren't as involved in the daily lives of your kids, and sometimes you miss those days gone by, and, yes, your children need you. You matter.
Happy Mother's Day

Jill Kemerer

Thanks Mom for being the grammar police as I was growing up.
I'm still relying on what you taught me. 

Valerie Hansen

Whether you're a mom, stepmom, grandmother, aunt, or friend, chances are you've made a difference in someone's life and you may not even know it. So this mother's day, I'd like to wish you all a happy and blessed mother's day, and my prayer is that each of you will realize just how important you are to someone. Happy Mother's Day...

Mary Alford.    

My mother has been gone two years now and I miss her dearly but a story I’d like to share happened this past summer. I had one of my Amish books come out in hardcover from Thorndike press. I usually get three copies and I always gave one to Mom. I took her book to the library in Abilene KS near where she had lived. When I told the staff I had a book to donate and they realized who I was, the head librarian said, “We sure do miss your mother. She used to come in here and say, ‘My daughter has a new book out and I don’t see it on your shelves.’” Mom loved to promote me.


Happy Mother's Day to all moms and to all women who love children. As always, I give thanks to God for my wonderful mother whose love was unconditional. I also give thanks for my daughter and daughter-in-law. Both of these young women are caring and compassionate mothers who have given me adorable grandchildren who fill my heart with joy. Truly I am blessed!

Debby Giusti

I didn't receive the blessing of one mom, but three. And this last year, with the death of my husband (their son and son-in-law), they have surrounded me, prayed for me, hugged me, offered encouraging words, cried with me, and offered financial assistance when it was needed. These women have taught me how to love, to wife, and to mother. I feel cherished and loved by for Him to have blessed me with such strong and caring women. I pray I can do the same for my daughters and my daughter-in-law. Happy Mother's Day, MOMS!!!!!!

Christina Rich


  1. Happy Mother's Day to all. I'm off to visit my son. He's a few hours away at college. Tomorrow is his birthday, he'll be 20 years old.


  2. Happy Mother's Day to all. Although my own mother passed away many years ago, and way too soon, today is a chance to honor her and cherish my own status as a mother. God gifted me a wonderful, loving mother and two beautiful girls whom I adore. I hope everyone is enjoying a wonderful day.

  3. I hope everyone has a wonderful Mother's Day!

  4. I didn't get my comment in time, but I wish all the mothers a wonderful Mother's Day.

  5. Thank you to all the wonderful writing women who inspire me, mentor me and encourage me to create! My daughter surprised me this morning with a gift certificate for "Three hours of uninterrupted writing time. Snack delivery $1extra"!
    Wishing you all a blessed day,


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