Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Allie Pleiter - Waterfalls...and a giveaway!

Was is it about waterfalls?

They’re soothing. They’re powerful. They can be mighty and dramatic or small enough to trickle pleasantly on our patios. Little fountains or breathtaking cascades.

One of my favorite movie scenes, the heroic promise “Stay alive…no matter what occurs…and I will find you!” from Last of the Mohicans, takes place inside a waterfall. Good stuff! 

Of course, there was dastardly villain hidden behind the lava waterfall in The Incredibles, too. So, not always good stuff.

The waterfall in my new book, however, is the perfect backdrop for a wedding. Mayor Jean Matrim knows that is the key to her town’s future, so she forfeits her family moniker on the falls to turn “Matrim’s Falls” into “Matrimony Falls.” It’s the first step in her grand plan to give her dying hometown new life as “Matrimony Valley,” a unique and rustic destination wedding venue.

This is a waterfall near the western North Carolina set of towns that I drew from to create Matrimony Valley.

Plans are going great…until the brother of Matrimony Valley’s first bride turns up, and it’s Jean’s great love from college, Josh Tyler. What Josh doesn’t know is that Jean’s charming son is also Josh’s son. Even though he is profoundly deaf, young Jonah teaches Josh a great deal about listening to your heart.

I loved writing this story of forgiveness, restoration, and life’s unexpected twists. I hope you enjoy it as well.

To celebrate, comment with the answer to this question:
If you could stage your wedding anywhere in the world, what spot would you pick?

I’ll draw names from everyone who leaves a comment and give away a copy of His Surprise Son on Friday.


  1. Replies
    1. Well, Kim, if Matrimony Valley was a real place, I'd have just the spot for you :)!

  2. Allie, I got married in the side yard of my husband’s home. Now, I’d want to get married in the side yard of our current home. I guess my motto is “There’s no place like home”.

  3. I love the charm of backyard weddings! There certainly is no place like home!

  4. I’ve been sitting here a long time tying to come up with an answer and the only thing I got is I think I am a party pooper. Or a wedding pooper I guess. Twenty five years into my marriage I know the wedding itself was not so important to me-it’s what we’ve made of our marriage since that matters. All the little moments of our shared life mean more to me than my wedding. It was nice to have our friends and family, all the people we love, with us to celebrate the start of this journey but it was just a small step of a long trek. I’m very sentimental but the whole of my marriage means so.much more to me than the party at the beginning. I always wanted a Disney wedding although we didn’t end up with any Disney elements at all. And I like the idea of a picturesque English type garden setting or even a grand cathedral gala but honestly, I’d be just as happy with a quick courthouse wedding. I think I enjoy the excitement leading up to the event more than the wedding itself. And all the promise of a long fulfilling happy marriage.

  5. I commented earlier, Darh, but it didn’t post. I think you’re right—it’s the promise, not the event, that makes a marriage. A wedding is just one moment in time.

  6. A garden wedding with a flower arch would be great. We got married in a Church. Last of the Mohicans is one of my favorite movies!

    1. Sorry it took me so long to reply--Google wasn't cooperating. I love the image of a garden wedding with a flower arch. So romantic!

  7. Hubby and I married at the Main Post Chapel at Fort Knox, KY. He was stationed there and I worked at the hospital. I wouldn't change anything. We've gone back a couple times and always attend church there and relive our wedding. Must get out my wedding album...I'm growing nostalgic.

    Thanks for the memories, Allie!

    PS: Love your waterfall!

  8. Sherri G--you won the book! Email me at allie [at] alliepleiter [dot] com with your postal address (or kindle address if you'd like the ebook version. Congrats and enjoy!


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