Friday, June 1, 2018

Getting Ideas from the Great Outdoors

Anything you eat tastes better if you're in the middle of nowhere
 if your husband cooked it instead of you!
(or, if you're writing a book, you can think about getting lost in the woods,
stumbling across a forest ranger, who shares his meal

The best ideas come if you explore every corner of your world.
Don't just people watch.
World watch.
(Maybe it wasn't a forest ranger.
Maybe it was a meteorologist,
who was gathering data concerning a tornado
that rammed through a one mile swatch of forest last year)

Don't just rely on what you can see from where you're standing.
Go ahead, look down, and sometimes you 'll even need to  crawl into a hole.
This is a lava tube near Flagstaff, Arizona.
(At the top of the tube, we met a veteran. This was Memorial Day.  He was alone.
If you write romance, you always know that heroes don't remain alone
in Happily Ever Afters)

Always, always, reach for the sky!
(Most people sit on their quads.  But, there are those who take a different approach.
Remember, not all stories should be the same.
And, when this guy falls and needs a bandage...
There's definitely going to be a heroine around.
LOL, in this case it was me. MOM)

At the end of the research trip, you can rest and plot your next adventure.
(By the way, dogs always work well in romance novels.
This is Lucy, and she's ready to go home.
Hmmm, this might call for a veterianarian hero)

Pamela Tracy not only camps and gets ideas, but she writes stories about those ideas.  Check out her website
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