Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Something Unexpected

When something comes along to shift our plans or our direction we usually think of it as a bad thing. We grumble and complain and wonder why this sudden event disrupted out lives. Lorraine Beatty here, and as a woman of a certain age I’ve experienced many unexpected events and the one thing I’ve learned is that they can be a good thing, an adventure, a turn toward something better if we embrace it.

    In fact that’s why I’m with you today. An unexpected request to write this blog. It was the last thing on my agenda but it also gave me the opportunity to visit with y’all. That’s always a fun.

    Bret and Nina have faced many unexpected events in their past involving loss and grief. They’re first meeting will set in motion a whole new series of  events neither one could possibly have anticipated. But what happens when you add forgiveness and relinquishing the past is added to the mix?

    Her Fresh Start Family is the first in my new series Mississippi Hearts. Each book focuses on a young widow who is struggling with the next phase of her life. With the help of a small therapy group – The Widow’s Walk Club – each woman learns to let go of the past and learn to love again.

    Facing sudden change is hard and scary. But everyone I’ve encountered has proved to be a blessing in disguise. Not only did situations improve but I learned a lot about myself and I grew as a person and as a Christian. Bret and Nina will find happiness at the end of their journey but first they must go through the struggles just like we all do.

    Going around the hard times is what we want to do but its only by going through  the trials that we learn and mature and develop character. Don’t you wish we could develop our character the easy way? Problem is we won’t change unless we’re forced to. We like our comfortable worlds. Unexpected change upsets our predictable life and kicks us out of our comfort zone.

    I’ve learned not to panic when sudden events crop up. Instead I start wondering what I’m going to learn or experience that I haven’t before. I’ve always been presently surprised and discovered an aspect of myself that I never knew existed.

    Next time you are confronted with an unexpected event take a deep breath and be prepared to be amazed at what you will discover. You might just find your own happy ending the way Bret and Nina do.

 Her Fresh Start Family

 A new life. A new love. But will secrets tear them apart?

 Struggling with a tragic loss, widow Nina Johnson seeks a fresh start in a small Southern town. Then she meets handsome veteran Bret Sinclair and his sweet daughters. Bret’s no stranger to loss, and his companionship is the solace Nina’s been searching for. Until a dark secret from Bret’s past is exposed, threatening to break these Mississippi Hearts.


  1. So true, Lorraine. Sometimes the unexpected can turn out to be a blessing in disguise. Congratulations on your new release.

  2. The book sounds wonderful, Lorraine! We know that God shines His light in the darkness...and bad things can have a silver lining. Thanks for a delightful post today.

  3. Your story sounds so good, Lorraine. You are right--we have to go with the flow and know that God is in control. I need to remember that.

  4. Thanks for sharing your wonderful book.

  5. Someday I'm hoping to stop panicking all the time, LOL, but right now, it's a way of life.


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