Monday, August 13, 2018

Allie Pleiter and the giant zucchini...

It's garden season, which means that certain bumper crops are showing up among friends and neighbors.  My husband and I were at a farm stand over the weekend buying sweet corn, and saw this:

A sign said: FREE

This was the smallest of the "Jumbo Zucchini" pile, and who can resist free garden produce?

So, today is the day I figure out what to do with this vegetable windfall. I've been given recipes for cheezy bites, lemon cake, lasagna, zucchini boats (or in this case, yachts), and of course making them into spaghetti noodles (also called "zoodles"). Even pickles--and keeping it by the door to defend myself against intruders--have been suggested.

This is certainly more than one meal's worth of zucchini. So chime in with your favorite uses/recipes!

By the way, I've got a new book out later this month that I hope you'll enjoy. It involves a whopping amount of snow--not zucchini--but the results are just as enjoyable!

Snowed in with the best man at a wedding weekend, florist Kelly Nelson can’t help but notice that the handsome widower seems overwhelmed raising his young daughter. So Kelly is delighted when her own daughter befriends the girl. But when the little matchmakers target Kelly and Bruce with an adorable Valentine’s Day plot, will the reluctant single parents give love a second chance?


  1. We had a garden early in our wedded life...and three zucchini plants. They were prolific! I couldn't keep up with the produce! Gave it away. Made zucchini bread, fixed it as a veggie, etc. Actually I've never looked at zucchini the same way since then. The one you brought home is amazing. Wonder if they get tough as they grow? Let us know how it tastes.

  2. Yes, Debbie, I wondered about that, too. I'm about to cut it up to make lasagna rolls (and about six other things!) so I'll let you know.

  3. I'm no cook so I can't offer any recipe advice, but I second the one about using it as a weapon against intruders! Congrats on your produce windfall and on your upcoming release.


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