Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Wedded Bliss by Laura Scott

Wedded Bliss - by Laura Scott

Good morning! I spent the weekend celebrating my daughter's wedding so please bear with me as I gush a moment. My daughter Nicole married Michael and they were so adorable! As the Mother of The Bride I was seated in the front row and watched as Michael's eyes teared up the moment he caught his first glimpse of his bride. I know I'm biased but she was so beautiful. Then at one point he whispered "I love you" right in the middle of the ceremony. They wrote their own vows and Nicole recited hers perfectly. Poor Michael was so flummoxed he had to pull out his phone to read them, totally cracked us up! They are so obviously in love and the entire ceremony was like something out of our romance novels.

Which is exactly why I write romance in the first place. I know this picture isn't very clear but here they are coming in for the reception. I won't have the photographer photos for a while yet.

This is another picture of Nicole with her God-Parents.

Okay, gush fest over!

I'm thrilled to announce I'm launching a new series: The McNallys. To Love is the first book in the series and is available for $0.99 Until Sunday Sept. 9th. After that the book will return to it's regular price of $3.99. The second book in the series is To Cherish and will be available November 1st.

Thanks for allowing me to share our wonderful wedding weekend!

Yours in faith, Laura Scott


  1. Beautiful bride. Congratulations on the wedding and your new series!

  2. Beautiful bride and such a wonderful weekend. Didn't your son officially become an RN as well? I thought I saw something about him on FB.

    Love the titles of the first two books in your new series, Laura. Fantastic cover too!

  3. Oh, how romantic. I lvoe that he pulled his cell phone out. My husband and I giggled through out our wedding. I wouldn't change a thing.

  4. Beautiful bride! I have pre-ordered your book; can't wait to read it!

  5. Congratulations, mom! Just gorgeous :)

  6. Such fun. Congratulations and best wishes to the happy couple.


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