Thursday, August 16, 2018

Amish Christmas Secrets

By Debby Giusti

The end of a series is always bittersweet. Amish Christmas Secrets, the fourth and final book in my Amish Protectors series, comes out in October. Although I’m eager to see how readers like the story, I’ve become attached to my characters and hate to let them go.

Over the past few months, I’ve written Amish Safe House, book 2 in the new Amish Witness Protection continuity from Love Inspired Books, which will be out in early 2019. I’ve also been working on a new proposal. Still, a part of me wants to return to the characters I’ve grown to love, especially Rosie Glick, the surprise heroine in Amish Christmas Secrets.

Two years ago, I submitted the proposal for the Amish Protectors series as a three book deal, featuring three sisters, each with her own story.  When my editor added a fourth book to the contract, Rosie started to make herself known. The sheriff in the first book, Amish Refuge, mentioned her—quite unexpectedly. Rosie made another surprise visit in Undercover Amish. By the third story, Amish Rescue, Rosie was demanding her own book.

I like Rosie Glick. She’s strong and determined. Plus, she’s an unwed mom who will do anything to protect her baby. She’s also one of my favorite characters.

Do you get attached to the characters in a series? Do you have a favorite character from a Love Inspired story you’ve either read or written?

Happy writing! Happy reading!

Wishing you abundant blessings,
Debby Giusti

By Debby Giusti

Safe Haven for the Holidays
The thrilling Amish Protectors conclusion.
Leaving the nursing home where she works, Rosie Glick’s accosted
by a man demanding incriminating evidence her murdered boyfriend
stole—until Ezra Stoltz scares him off. Now with a killer dead set on
silencing the Amish single mother, Ezra must hide Rosie and her baby
to keep them safe. But can he expose a sinister conspiracy in time
to save the woman he secretly loves?

Pre-order Amish Christmas Secrets here!


  1. Debby, I've truly enjoyed reading this series. It is bittersweet to say goodbye to a series. I know we, as authors, get attached to them. They become our friends. It's hard to say goodbye to a friend.

    1. Thanks so much, Mary!

      Yes, the characters do become friends, don't they? We know them so well and enter into their worlds. I always need time to bid them farewell before I move on to the next project.

  2. I know what you mean, Debby--so easy to get attached to characters, especially when you continue to learn new things about them in succeeding novels. I have some favorites in the series I'm currently writing and know I will miss them when it ends.

    I'm behind on your Amish Protectors series and need to catch up!

  3. In my Military Investigations series, I had planned to write the special agent in charge's story at the conclusion of the series...then my editor asked me to write an Amish suspense series. Perhaps someday I'll write the military story that still tugs at my heart. Interesting how our characters weave their way into our lives. :)

  4. I love it when characters get pushy like that! Sounds like an interesting story, Debby.

  5. This sounds sooo good!!! I love series, the characters become good friends.

    1. I feel the same way, Jennifer! They do become friends.

  6. I'm always amazed by how a mere mention of a name can spawn a whole book. Looking forward to reading this one.

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