Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Road Trip! by Tracey J Lyons

Well this month's post caught me off guard! Why? Because I'm on a road trip with my husband. A road trip that everyone who knows us wasn't too sure would happen. You see we are, finally, after being together for over 40 years, driving from upstate New York to Florida. Now, we know many, many people have done the I-95 corridor before us. And we also know that many, many family and friends think only one of us will be returning in my RAV 4. LOL!

So...the trek began four days ago.

Yes that is my all important tea mug that you see perched precariously on the dashboard. A souvenir from another  road trip to Bisbee, Arizona. 

The car was packed. Okay not to organized, but I know where everything is.

And off we went on our 1,371.4 miles (one way)!! Or 20 hours in the car with my husband! Wait what did I agree to??!! 

Honestly, so far it's been a great trip. My husband, TJ , and I have talked books, kids, grand-kids, parenting, grand-parenting, in-laws and out-laws. We've even managed to solve a few of the world's problems.  But more importantly we've stopped along the way to visit friends we haven't seen in over a decade and friends who moved away from us as few years ago. And... we've set aside our crazy lives to reconnect with each other. This is becoming one of our most memorable trips. Something we can check off of our bucket list. 

I'm glad we decided to take the plunge and do the drive. We've been plotting and planning our trip back. I know I'm stopping at Georgia Peach World, exit 58 off of I-95. 

Special thanks to B & K Weiss, and R & D Spano for hosting us along the way! 

Tell me, have you ever taken a long road trip? I'd love to hear where you went!! 

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  1. Tracey, my husband and I took a road trip with a friend from Texas to San Francisco in a motor home. There was an old truck show there. We had the best time and some crazy experiences. We almost had a mirror blow off, the refrigerator door wouldn't close properly and would wake us up beeping in the middle of the night. But, looking back on that trip, I wouldn't change a thing.

  2. Road trips can be intimidating because you never know what's going to happen. But overall this trip has been great!

  3. As a military family, we've crossed the country at least five times. Long drives but lots of fun along the way. I always said the kids were close because of all the time we spent together in the car! :)

    Enjoy Florida!

  4. You should take a different route home and stop by Aiken for a visit. Voted the "best little town" in the south!

  5. Hi, Tracey! WOW. What an adventure. I love a good road trip. We have done the drive from Connecticut to orlando many times. It's not for the weak LOL. I love spending time in FLorida so I know you're having great adventures. Blessings.

    1. Yes. Big drive for us. But so far so good. L

  6. Hope you had a blast in my adopted state. I love it here!

  7. We are having a great time. Thanks lenora.

  8. My friend and I went from Wichita Ks to Portland Maine. 6 days on the road with lots of stops. We were tired but we laughed all the way to the coast and back. Awesome.


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