Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Keeping Active by Terri Reed

As a writer I spend a great deal of time sitting at my computer.  Studies have been conducted on prolonged sitting and the findings are no joke. Here's an article from the Mayo Clinic
To combat all the sitting--at the computer, driving, planes, watching television, reading...the list could go on--I've taken up doing agility with my beautiful Australian Shepherd. 
This is Aubrey. She'll be 3 years old soon. She's a bit of a wild child. 

When my husband and I became semi empty nesters, I needed someone to take care of so I got a puppy. I think I lost my mind a bit. LOL. I'd forgotten how much work raising a puppy can be, especially this breed. But she has been worth every frustration and every tear I shed. 

She is my constant companion and keeps us active. We have a new circle of friends because of this dog. And I have a reason to leave my house at least three times a week to run and play with my girl. I decided to try agility because it is physically and mentally challenging for both the dog and me. 

Keeping active is important. What do you do to stay active? 
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  1. Hi Terri. Aubrey is adorable. She looks so sweet. I know a little something about wild dogs myself lol. They sure keep things interesting. I really love your cover. I haven't seen too many cowboys in LIS. Congratulations.

    1. Thank you Belle. I love the cover too! Aubrey can be sooo sweet. But boy, she can be naughty too. LOL

    2. I know the feeling, Terri. We have two...a black lab who is one and a toy poodle who is seven. They are BOTH naughty. LOL

  2. Terri, your pup looks adorable...and so young and energetic!

    Sitting at a computer can be deadly...or so the medical profession claims. I hit the gym as frequently as possible...and walk outside when weather permits.

    Although when I'm on a tight deadline, the only body parts that move are my fingers! :)

    1. I used to go to a gym but then I found myself with excuses. So the dog forces me to get up and go.
      And yes, at deadline time it's so much harder to leave the computer. LOL

  3. Terri, so true. We authors sit way to much. My husband and I are empty nesters as well. After we lost our 14 year old Callie last year, my husband and I were heartbroken. At the end of last year, we adopted a rescue dog from the shelter by the name of Cody. He's smart and energetic and definitely keeps us active.

  4. Good for you, Mary. Dogs are such wonderful creatures.

  5. Sorry to say, I have stopped excercises. I need to get back at it.
    The dog is very cute.
    Thanks for the chance to win.

    1. Sorry, forgot the email address. paulams49ATsbcglobalDOTnet


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