Friday, January 13, 2012

Ask Elnora--About My Office??? Lenora Worth

Hello, beautiful bloggers. I'm sitting in a fold-up chair in what will soon be my new office in what will soon be my new home. I have to admit it seems a bit strange for Elnora to be in an empty room with only an old computer desk and a chair. Oh, and a few books in the closet. Had to bring some books along. I have my book bag full of research sources, flash drives and two spiral notebooks with my scribblings all over them (that's what I call research notes.)But I also have to admit I kind of like the "quietness" of this little room. I love my office back at home, even though it's a mess and needs a major overhaul. I do an overhaul every few months and straighten it between books, but alas, what with all the NEW books I buy, the catalogues I must search and the manuscripts and mailings I receive, it's hard to keep that office tidy. I'm sure once I've decorated this one and settled in, it will become the same way. But this got me to thinking. What do you require in your office? What are some of the must-have things you keep around you. I have research books, how-to books, the books of my favorite writers--some dear friends, some who don't even know I exist, I have quotes and quote books, Bibles, dictionaries and pictures of friends. I have a special card that was sent to me when I first published by my dear friend Suzannah Davis. Suzannah passed away a few years ago, but I've never quite gotten over losing her. She was a mentor and a friend and she helped me to realize my writing dream. I look at that card just about every day and say a little prayer of thanks. I have Bible verses that hold special memories for me. My office is a special place because it's my place. Elnora has to have that room with a view. And I think we all need an Upper Room, where we can go and be close to Christ without any fanfare or attention. Yes, even Elnora needs her quiet time with the Lord. Anyway, my quiet little office has a nice window where I can see the sky and it has enough space to hold me and a few books. It will take some adjusting, being in a different writing space. But luckily, my imagination can travel with me. And from where I'm sitting now, I can see new adventures on the horizon. So, let's discuss our work spaces? Do you love yours? Hate it? Or do we need to encourage you to find your own space and let your imagination run wild there? There is nothing like a blank canvas. It just begs for adventure and embellishment. Elnora so believes in those two things. Tell me about your special place!


Julie Hilton Steele said...

My special place is actually outdoors, walking around one of the two lakes nearby!

My husband and I just did a major redo of our house. No remodeling. We just moved furniture up and downstairs. Our rooms were shrines to our pre-empty nest days and kept us separate and isolated.

We now have an office where we can both work in companionable silence, a hobby room where he can work on model trains and I can work on my art and cards, and an exercise/grandchildren's playroom or as my grandson likes to call it, "MY room".

I have discovered my desk needs as little on it as possible but my side of the hobby room is full of inspirational art and quotes.

Blessings on your new adventure!

Peace, Julie

Peace, Julie

PamelaTracy said...

Mine is a mess! I had two books in a row to write, the second one in just two months.
Oh, and I have a card too. It's from my friend Christine Jones.
I wish I could see your new place. It sounds so cool.

Lenora said...

Julie, that sounds lovely! Pam, I'll try to send some pictures with before and after shots. The sun is shining and I am cozy here. But I need to get back to the work at hand. I could stay in cyperspace all day, but alas, duty calls!

Winnie Griggs said...

I don't really have an office per se, but do have a file room where I stick a lot of my supplies, files and 'stuff'. I actually do my writing at the dining room table, which stays cluttered with mail, papers and research books

Lenora said...

A good excuse not to cook, Winnie!

Merrillee said...

I recently blogged on my own blog about my messy desk. I finally cleaned it and posted before and after photos. I'm going on almost a week, and the desk is still relatively clean. I share an large office with my hubby, but the office was his first, so he has the bigger space. He is very organized and keeps his side of the office very neat, and he's very excited that I finally got around to cleaning up my mess.

Lenora said...

Hope you can keep up with your neat husband. O admire neatness. I just don't apply it.

Blake said...

What I can't live without in the office is a nice, functional paper shredder. One big problem for me is that I have the tendency to keep paper documents even though I don't need them anymore. That shredder serves as a perpetual reminder for me to tidy up the place, and to drop the things I don't need!

- Blake Mitchell