Monday, May 14, 2012

Travel by Merrillee Whren

Do you recognize this place? My husband and I enjoy traveling. I have been to all fifty states and numerous foreign countries.

Sit back, relax and leave the driving to us. I think that was an old Greyhound bus slogan. I have traveled by Greyhound, but I prefer cruises, automobiles or airplanes rather than buses. 

Do you recognize that location in this photo? 

How about these places? Do you know where they are?

These are just a few interesting places that I have been. One cool thing about reading books is being able to travel without ever leaving your chair. Books can transport us not only across the miles but across the years. Books can open whole new worlds to us. I found this especially true when I was a child, growing up in the wide open spaces of Montana. Books took me to Florida, where I now live. They also took me to New York City, where I couldn't imagine having no front lawn. Books introduced me to countries across the ocean and made me want to visit those places. Fortunately, I have been able to travel in person to many of the places I have read about.

What about you? Has there ever been a book that took you to a place where you had never been? Do you like to travel? Where have you been?

Also, I will give away my latest book, Montana Match, to anyone who can give me the location of the places in the photos.


Ausjenny said...

Is the first photo Greece? its got that look to it.

I read a Donna Parker camp counselor book many times and wanted to go to a summer camp like that one.
Oh and Enid Blyton made me want to climb the magic faraway tree and go to the different lands.

Later it was a Janette Oke book that made me fall for Mounties and Canada. I have now been to 2 provinces of Canada. I read Robin Jones Gunns book Sister chicks do the Hula, I Said to mum I am going to Hawaii. I got you are not going anywhere reply (As much as I love my mother she did tend to be a negative force at times not that she would have realised but it was a typical remark that brought me down) But I kept that dream in my heart and I got to go to Hawaii. In fact have been twice now. Been to Canada twice also. Reading her book set in Maui was more real cos I had been to the places.
Annalisa Daughtey wrote about Shiloh National Park and I really want to go there.
I have also been to Washington state now too.
Books set in Australia I read one recently and I want to visit the house that inspired the book.
Next year I hope to fulfil another dream and do a historical trails tour which starts in Washington DC and goes to some of the historical sites like Mt Vermon, Valley Forge, and the place I really want to see Gettysburg, also go through Amish country. I will also have a night in Atlanta and hope to meet some authors and also Dallas which I would love to catch up with anyone in the ares. (Also will have an afternoon free in Washington DC is anyone lives near there). I hope to do this in April/May next year.

Sandra Orchard said...

I recognize a couple of your pics...the St. Louis arch and St. Augustine lighthouse :) I don't travel much. My favorite trip was traveling to NewFoundland. Jenny, it sounds like you have a fabulous tour of the US planned!

Margaret Metz said...

I thought the first picture looked like Greece. That stark white and deep blue - plus the architecture gives it away. I recognized the arch in St Louis as well. I didn't know where the lighthouse was or the other pics.

My family was lucky in that my dad was in the army so we traveled a lot when I was young. I've been all over the US and Europe. Then I joined the Army and went to Asia. My husband was in the Army and and now I've been to every state but four and several places like Nevis as well. Our finances have taken a downturn so we don't travel like we used to. I would still love to visit more places in Europe, go to Australia, New Zealand . . . There's a lot of world out there to see.

I love to read about foreign places also. Most of the time I tend to read about historical Scotland, Ireland and England. That region fascinates me (maybe because we're so closely linked).

pol said...

Hello Merrillee, These are some beautiful pics and must confess I check out first one as I thought Greece too and found it is in deed there, thinking arc is in St Louis and the lighthouse in St Augustine now the beach not so easy, is it St Petersburg or Clearwater maybe. not sure on that one. I dont travel much but love to go places in my books. I read a lot and really enjoyed reading all those of Eugenia Price when she wrote of the Ga-Florida and SouthCarolina areas. what a gifted writer she was.
thanks for sharing today, enjoyed
Paula O(

Teresa said...

I like knowing your Country by the Love Inspired Romance and other authors I favor.

Since writers come from so many places, and your Country is so huge (compared to mine, at least) I get a good look of everybit of it without leaving the sofa ahahahahahah

I've read about so many that I've reached the point of something not being quite right in some descriptions, when I "confront" one with another.

I have a natural curiosity about places, their people, their culture; I feel I'm more curious in reading about them than visiting.

So far and abroad I just went to Spain and France. Loved it; though my (somehow childish) Paris expectations spoiled my first experience there. Loved Spain and though being close to my Country I loved the differences. But my real Travel Fun and Loving Experience is in my Country - I just Love it!!! So every year, even if we travel abroad, some days are reserved to know, visit, discover our Country.

I Love to travel by bus. When we didn't have kids we'd favor this mean because you can see much more and enjoy differently. With kids other means are more pratical...

jeaneintexas said...

I think that is the St. Louis arch in one photo. The others, I don't know. Reading a lot of British history, I was thrilled to go to Britain several times. but Scotland and Wales were my very favorites. I've also been to France and Mexico. We had a great time in France, none of the anti American stuff people so often run into. If I could, I would travel
3-4 month a year. There are so many wonderful places to see. We
may get to go to Colorado this summer and I am thrilled. I live in Texas, but I am definitely a mountain person, so this trip would be wonderful.


jeaneintexas said...

I think that is the St. Louis arch in one photo. The others, I don't know. Reading a lot of British history, I was thrilled to go to Britain several times. but Scotland and Wales were my very favorites. I've also been to France and Mexico. We had a great time in France, none of the anti American stuff people so often run into. If I could, I would travel
3-4 month a year. There are so many wonderful places to see. We
may get to go to Colorado this summer and I am thrilled. I live in Texas, but I am definitely a mountain person, so this trip would be wonderful.


Vince said...

Hi Merrilee:

I think the Greek Church is on Santorini. I’ve been to a few Greek islands but not Santorini or Mykonos which has the windmills.

Please give me the name of your book that takes place in Greece. I want to read it right now. It’s so sad but to get great locations like Santorini I usually have to read Presents. Why can’t Christen fiction go to exotic locations?

I’ve been to St. Louis and St. Augustine but I don’t know where to place the ocean shot.


Debby Giusti said...

Waving to Margaret! I'm an Army brat too...and an Army wife. Also an Army mom. :)

Merrillee, loved your blog and pics. Is the lighthouse from St. Augustine? I remember one there, but there's one at Fendadino Beach too, which is in your area of FL. Can't remember if it has stripes.

Our church is going to the Holy Land in April. I'd love to go but am worried about the brewing tension between Israel and Syria. Praying God will let me know what to do.

Merrillee said...

Jenny, I have always wanted to go to your country. You will love Washington, DC. There is so much to see there. You are picking a perfect time to visit if you come in April. Lots of spring flowers will be in bloom.

Merrillee said...

Sandra,I would love to travel more in Canada. I've been to British Columbia. It is beautiful.

Merrillee said...

Margaret, how cool that you've gotten to see a lot of foreign countries as well as the a lot of the US. I've been to Europe numerous times, but I've never been to Asia. Someday, maybe.

Merrillee said...

Paula, I loved Eugenia Price's books, too. I especially enjoyed visiting St. Augustine after reading one of her books with that setting.

Merrillee said...

Teresa, one day I will have to visit your country. I have been to Spain and France, but never Portugal. I think how fortunate we are to be able to travel fast with airplanes, so we can go to far away places. Think back to past centuries when people often were never further than 20 miles from the place they were born.

Merrillee said...

Jeane, my experience in France was the same as yours. I found the people very friendly. I was not excited about going there at first because I had heard the same thing that the French don't like Americans, but all the people we met were wonderful there. We ate in a little French restaurant in the French countryside south of Lyon, and no one there except the chef knew how to speak English, so he took our order. :)

Merrillee said...

Vince, I'm sorry to disappoint you, but I didn't set any of my books in Greece. I only took the photo on vacation. Guess that gives one of the answers. I'll give all the answers at the end of the day.

Merrillee said...

Debby, I've wanted to go to the Holy Land, too, but have been reluctant for the same reasons as you. When we went to Turkey and Greece, I was also a little concerned, but everything went well.

pwnmom said...

Unfortunately, I haven't been able to travel much... maybe that's why I love books so much. When I have traveled it's been on mission trips (Taber, Alberta; Nicaragua). :)

With five children affording travel is hard. We have been to Montana (Glacier National Park) as a family.. .that was my dream, so my husband took us for our 10th wedding anniversary/summer vacation. It was amazing!

Gee said...

Ok, let's see how well I do?

1. Greece
2. Arc in St Louis
3. St. Augustine
4. Possibly in Florida but maybe coming Northwest to my area and be the Oregon Coast.

I have been to many states within the USA. Born and raised in OR, live in Idaho now but moving back to OR after 14 years here by May 2013, lived in WA, CA, AR, MS, MO, KS, TN, NM, MT,TX and Canada. I will be going on an Alaskan Cruise within the next couple years when I marry my high school sweetheart after 34 years we found one another thanks to Facebook.

Faith Hope Cherrytea said...

thinking greece for 1st pic ..
love travelling!
jane austen takes me to england,
and i have had that privilege twice and for extended stays !
cs lewis takes me to narnia!
and that's a wonderful place of imagination where i'd never been ;)
lm montgomery takes me to prince edward island with anne ~ and i've actually visited and lived there for an entire year !
yes, books do allow for travel in many ways...

Merrillee said...

Pwnmom,you've been to Glacier National Park. That's on my list to visit. How wonderful that you've been able to visit some distant places while serving the Lord!

Merrillee said...

Gee, you've lived in 10 states, and so have I, but I've never lived in Canada. Congratulations on your upcoming marriage. I've found a lot of old friends through Facebook, too. My husband and I went on an Alaskan cruise to celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary.

Merrillee said...

FaithHopeCherrytea, how nice that you spent time on Prince Edward Island. I love to visit places after reading a book. It's like being in the character's shoes.

Merrillee said...

It's almost midnight on the east coast of the US, so I'm going to post the answers.

1. Santorini, Greece
2. St. Louis
3. St. Augustine
4. Key West, FL

No one got all the answers completely correct, so anyone who commented today and wants a copy of my book, Montana Match, email me through my website. The URL is in the original post.

Erotica, She Wrote said...

Can't say I've written loads of books in exotic locales, but I've read a rew centered in Caribbean an Central Europe.

I have not been as fortunate as you (yet) to travel extensively, but there are two places I wish to visit in the near future, Alaska (yes, always to go there) and Egypt.

Thanks for sharing your travels!