Wednesday, November 4, 2015

The Rancher's Christmas Proposal by Sherri Shackelford

There's nothing more fun than kicking off the holiday season with a holiday book!

Mother for His Children

Single father Shane McCoy has his hands full trying to run a ranch while raising two-year-old twins. His children clearly need a mother's guiding hand. An encounter with a lovely stranger on a train platform offers an unconventional answer to his predicament when she suggests a marriage of convenience.

Tessa Spencer needs a fresh start far from her con man father's schemes. His latest scrape has made her the target of a vengeful outlaw. Shane's isolated ranch provides refuge, and his children easily win Tessa's affections. But as her checkered past resurfaces, only honesty and trust will make this family Christmas the first of many…

RT Magazine gives The Rancher's Christmas Proposal 4 1/2 stars and calls the book, "A perfect treat for Christmas!"

THE RANCHER’S CHRISTMAS PROPOSAL (4.5) by Sherri Shackelford: The Prairie Courtships series continues with widower Shane McCoy trying to run his ranch while raising his young twins. Shane knows that his kids need a motherly figure, but who? Tessa Spencer is looking to get out of town and away from a vengeful outlaw, and she just might have found her solution in a chance encounter. When Tessa makes a proposal that Shane can’t refuse, will he regret it when he finds out the truth about her past? Shackelford’s latest features imperfect but likable characters whom readers can connect with. Watching the progression of their slow-building relationship is enjoyable and makes this book a perfect treat for Christmas.
Reviewed by: Susannah Balch

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Evelyn said...

Congrats for the new release!
The book sounds really great! Shane's description made him seems like awesome guy since he managed to raise his kids. Amazing Christmas treat, truly!
I agree that a family should be built on strong foundation of honesty and trust if not it will crumble down.

And marriage of convinience is one of my favorite type of book so I would love to read this. Thanks for the chance! :)

Missy Tippens said...

A great review! Congrats on the 4.5 stars! The story sounds wonderful.

Scraproni: Adventures of Single Woman said...

Im reading it at the moment about halfway through n loving it

Sherri Shackelford said...

I'm so glad you're enjoying the book!

Jackie Smith said...

Congrats, Sherri.....your book sounds great and has a lovely cover! I am already enjoying reading Christmas stories.

Trixi said...

Congrats on the new release, Sherri! I bet you've excited to see your "baby" out there :-)
Two things going fir this book.....first, it's a marriage of convenience and my favorite story line! Secondly, it's a Love Inspired Historical, my favorite of the LI line :-) So if it's not too late, please enter my name for a chance to win! With Christmas right around the corner, this is a perfect holiday read.

teamob4 (at) gmail(dot) com

Sherri Shackelford said...


Send me your address and I'd love to send you a book! sherrishackelford (at) gmail (dot) com


Jackie Smith said...

Consider it done, so much for the book....looking forward to reading it!