Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Linda Goodnight here in hot and humid Oklahoma. Tomorrow is hair appointment and manicure day. I might even get my eyebrows waxed. Why, you ask, go through this trauma in the summer? Because I have a book signing on Saturday in Edmond at the Mardel’s Christian book store. There will be eight Oklahoma authors, including me. K-Love Radio will be there broadcasting and there will be lots of door prizes and freebies. So, if you’re in the Edmond, OK area from 11-3 July 17, stop in and say hello. There’s always free chocolate whenever I’m around…


  1. So, who are the other seven?
    Hmmm, Oklahoma's only a fifteen hour drive. If I left now...

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  3. Pamela, you're so cute! Wish you could come, though. I'd love to see you.