Thursday, July 1, 2010

Ready for the bang, bang, bang!

Pat Davids here.
I don't know about you, but my family is into Independence Day fireworks in a big, big way.
Not the ones you see on T.V. or even the ones that the city puts on. Nope. The Stroda family (my maiden name) puts on a private show that rivals the pros.
Now we weren't always crazy about fireworks.

When I was growing up it was the usual Black Cats, sparklers and Roman candles. My dad would light one of those stinky old cigars and it would burn forever with my brothers sneaking an occasional puff. It's glowing red tip was perfect for lighting our firecrackers. I shudder to think of all the hazards my four brothers and I skimmed by without a single accident. God was watching out for us.

As we got older, the fun died away. We went to see the big city displays and didn't bother to light our own little sparklers. Somehow, the whole event became too noisy and crowded to really enjoy. Until...
Enter my son-in-law. When Tony joined the family we got a really nice guy, a professional clown with his own magic show and unicycle (talk about cool parties) and a guy who loves fireworks. I mean loves fireworks. He's a bit of a pyromaniac. The only thing holding Tony back from putting on a dazzling 4th of July celebration of his own was the fact that he lived in a city that didn't allow fireworks within the city limits.

But my daughter has grandparents who live on a farm. In the middle of nowhere--where almost any type of fireworks is allowed or at least ignored as long as there isn't a burn ban in effect. Over the years Tony's celebration of all things that go bang has grown to include all my brothers and their families, even neighbors have opted out of the town fireworks to come out to Dad's farm for the big show. The kids have traveled two hundred miles to get the "big stuff" over the state line and bring it back. Everyone in the family contributes to the staggering pile of gunpower filled canisters waiting to illuminate the night sky for our delight. Golly we have fun.

The whole things doesn't always go off without a hitch, mind you. Twice we've been rained out. Once, because of a custody battle with my daughter's ex, my grandson couldn't be there for the 4th. No problem. We moved the whole celebration to Labor Day so Josh could enjoy it with us. I think that was my favorite Independence Day. He felt so special because we saved everything so that he could be there.

Now, the whole thing is noisy and crowded and I love every minute of it because it's become a family affair. Cross your fingers and pray it doesn't rain us out this year. I've got a trunk full of firecrackers in my car.

Tell us about your Independence Day celebrations. What will you and your family be doing this holiday weekend?
Blessings all,
Pat Davids.


  1. Sorry for the late post. For some reason my scheduled post didn't launch. I'm sure it's me and not blogger. Anyway, happy holiday weekend to everyone.

  2. Oh, Pat, that sounds like fun!!! I'm at my parents in Montana and we'll have a quieter forth -- planning a picnic menu and maybe we'll catch the firewords on TV (not the same, I know).

  3. Janet,
    Watching fireworks on TV may not be as much fun but you'll avoid the mosquitoes. Always a good thing.

  4. Arizona's had a fireworks ban forever it seems, but with our many fires, it makes sense. This year, they've eased up. It will be interesting to see what my husband and his brothers and the various nephews all cook up.

  5. We do it different here in the northwoods. We take our boat to see the fireworks!


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