Friday, July 30, 2010

Bookcovers by Merrillee Whren

Here is the cover of my latest book, HOMETOWN PROPOSAL, which is the second book in my Kellerville series, about a small fictional town located near Cincinnati, Ohio. Here is a blurb that tells a little bit about the book.

Before single father Seth Finley became a full-time dad—and a Christian—he wasn't exactly responsible. But now he can't seem to convince his former girlfriend that he's changed. Nothing is more important to Seth than family, faith and love. And since he's found Elise Keller again, he has another shot to show her what kind of man he truly is. A man who'll love, honor and cherish her the way she always deserved. But will the once-burned, twice-shy Elise ever accept his hometown proposal?

As I write this blog, I'm attending the Romance Writers of American Conference, being held near Orlando, Florida. Since I live in Florida, I had an easy drive to the conference. On my way, I stopped at a Super Wal-mart just to see whether HOMETOWN PROPOSAL, was on the shelves yet. I was happy to see it sitting there among the other August Love Inspired books. The thrill of seeing my book for sale in a store never gets old. I love the cover. It says small town USA and the Fourth of July. In the story, the hero and heroine go to the big Fourth of July parade held in Kellerville each year. When I first saw the cover, I knew it was a snapshot of the little town that I had created in my mind.

Do you ever wonder how the covers for books are created? Each publisher has a process for creating the cover. For Steeple Hill books, the authors fill out what is called the Art Fact Sheet that gives information about the book to the art department. Then using this information, they can produce a cover that will create an interest and give the reader an idea of what the book is about.

I also had an interesting thing happen with this cover. The mother of the little girl who was the cover model for the child on the cover contacted me. It was so fun to hear how excited the mother was to see the cover for which her little girl posed.

What kind of covers do you like to see on books? What kind of covers attract your attention?


  1. I tend to like covers that aren't just pictures of a guy, though there are good ones out there, or the couple without a background that fits the story.

    I believe you and other Love Inspired authors have been very fortunate in the covers you have gotten. But I know you hold your breath each time!

    Peace, Julie

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  3. Julie,
    I've definitely had some beautiful covers.

  4. It is interesting to know how covers are designed. I can only imagine how thrilled the mother of that little girl is to see her child featured on your book cover.

    What do I look for in a cover? Something eyecatching...and one that suggests the theme of the book. Romance books do not require the "hunk" male and beauty queen type female featured in some exotic setting! More realistic covers that people can relate to are every bit as appealing to me.

    Thanks for the story synopsis. Since you said that the book has hit the Wal-Mart shelves, I'll be looking for my copy soon :)

    Congratulations on the new release

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  6. Mary,
    Thanks for looking for my book.