Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Patricia Davids, here. My daughter and my granddaughter stopped in today. It's always a treat to see them. Fortunately they don't live far away and I see fairly often. As my granddaughter was showing me her "best Christmas gift ever!" I thought, little girl, you don't know the half of it. Grandkids are truly the best gift ever.

Those of you who have them know exactly what I mean. Those of you who are young parents have an inkling, but you can't appreciate the power of the word, grandchild. Not yet. Hopefully, you will one day.

I've got two grandchildren. They are seven years apart in age and while they don't always agree with each other, they do love each other. I pray they stay the best of friends.

I love my daughter but it wasn't until I held my grandson that I discovered this very special, sweet bond could exist. What an eyeopening experience. What a wonderful reward for not strangling my own kid when she was a mouthy teenager bent on making my life...well, difficult. I wasn't the best wife or the best mother. I'm not ashamed to admit it. I gave it everything I had. I'm still married to the same guy and my daughter speaks to me so I must not have done too badly, but let me tell you being a grandmother has been my best job.

Do you know how I can tell? Well, for one, my seventeen-year-old grandson cooked a log roll cake for Christmas dinner. By himself. When I said I was surprised by his cooking skill, he looked at me with a big smile and said, "I learned it from you. From all the times you pulled a stool up beside the stove and let me help you cook when I was little."

Ha! I thought I was the one having fun. Yup, grandkids are the greatest gift. Tell me about your grandkids if you have them. What are they like? If you don't have grandchildren, what are some of your happy memories with your grandmother?


  1. A two year old grandson and a two month old granddaughter are our joys! And if I may say so, they are the most adorable grandchildren ever ;-)

    I was told I was going to be a grandmother on my birthday. I am younger than a lot of grammies and it caught me by surprise when I opened a book for grandmothers. It took me a while to get used to the idea but am thrilled now.

    Grandchildren are indeed a blessing.

    Peace, Julie

  2. I'm not a grandma. I don't think I will be. But I enjoy my gran-puppies and kitties!

  3. I have one two-year-old granddaughter. Unfortunately she lives too far away, nearly 2,000 miles. I am accumulating the air miles, so I can see her. So far the longest stretch without seeing her has been 3 months. She was here for Christmas and will be coming back at the end of January because her mother has a business meeting in Atlanta. I thankful for Skype. Pat you are fortunate that you grandchildren live so close.

  4. That should read "I am thankful for Skype." Why do those typos only pop out at you after you have published the comment?

  5. I don't have grandkids. Looking forward to it some day. I miss my grandmother. She always made me feel so special.

  6. Pat, what a sweet story about your grandson! I just know you're a fantastic grandma.

    I have 3 kids but the oldest is only 21. No weddings or grandkids yet. :)

    My grandmother taught me to make a pretty decent pie crust! She would probably scold me if she were alive today, because I always buy them now. :)

  7. Missy, I have a great pie crust recipe if you ever need one. It's called a French oil pastry and it's super light and flaky. My husband told me when we first married that he wanted me to learn to bake a cherry pie as well as his grandmother did. To which, I baked him his first pie and he's told folks far and wide that I make a BETTER cherry pie than his grandmother did.

  8. Merrille, I'd go nuts if mine were that far away. May the good Lord bless you with many air miles.

  9. Lyn,
    Grandpuppies are every bit as fun and they fetch, too.


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