Saturday, January 29, 2011

Some Days are Gold

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of picking Margaret Daley up from the airport and tooling her around town (along with CWOW president Ann Lee Miller).

We had a blast! After we left the airport, we went to the Arizona Historical Society Museum. We walked around absorbing Arizona's past. My favorite part was the Sandra Day O'Conner collection. Margaret, what did you enjoy the most?

After that, we headed for lunch with Steve Laube, agent extraordinairre.

Then, we went to a bookstore (come on, where do you think authors really wanna be?)

After that, many of the ladies of CWOW (Christian Writers of the West) got together for a nice meal and just talked. What a perfect day!


  1. Hi Pamela:

    Curious. Where were you in Arizona?

    Do you know anything about how Lake Powell is doing?

    The lake was getting very low on water but since then there has been a lot of rain.

    I’d really like a LI or LIS that takes place in that area. Perhaps a young widow could be running a houseboat rental business. Lake Powell is like no other place on earth!


  2. Pamela,
    Sounds like a great day, indeed.

  3. Vince,
    We're in the greater Phoenix area.
    Haven't heard much about Lake Powell lately. I think the rainfall caught everything up.

  4. Pat,
    Maybe we should have a Craftie Ladies conference.

  5. Give me a hint where in the greater Phoenix area? i could perhaps just drive around and get lost close to where you are!

  6. Lyn,
    Let me know when you're in the Phoenix area. I'll hook you up with the CWOW group and we'll go to town!

  7. Having joined you for dinner and then part of the workshops the next day, I can say it was a fabulous time. Waving to Margaret. Come back and see us again.

  8. Oh, how fun!! I'm glad you got to hang out together.

    I got to have dinner last night with Love Inspired authors Janet Dean and Debby Giusti, so it was a fun weekend for me as well!

  9. Kim,
    It's always better when you're there.

    Are you going to ACFW?


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