Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The Usual Topic

Hi, this is Margaret Daley, popping in to say hello and happy New Year. I am frantically working to reach one of my goals I have set for myself.

The usual topic for January are New Year resolutions. Did you make one? If so, have you stuck with it? If you didn't, why not? So did you make one? What was it? Have you kept the resolution?

I didn't make a resolution. I haven't for years. Probably because I set goals for myself all the time. To me that is what a resolution is. When I write I have a word count goal for the week. I strive to make that goal so that I make the goal of turning my book in on time. Personally I think resolutions have gotten a bad rap. So instead of setting a resolution in January, look at setting goals through the year. Realistic goals. Ones you think you can make. You will feel so much better.


  1. I am doing One Word this year. Pick a word that describes the person you wish to be and work toward manifesting that word through the year. So much easier AND so much harder than resolutions. But it is a different way of goal setting for sure.

    My word? ADVENTURE. It means risk taking, trusting God, getting unstuck, journeying. Since adventure is not mentioned in a lot of concordances, I have sought synonyms with match with scriptures about God guiding our steps, trust, and more.

    Blessed New Year to you!

    Peace, Julie

  2. Margaret,
    I think every year for the last 10 years I've made a resolution to lose weight because I always gain during the holidays. I was successful in the early years, but in the past few years, I haven't been. This year I really have to be successful because the only pants that fit are my stretchy ones. :) And I refuse to buy a new wardrobe.

  3. Julie -- I love the idea of one word for the year -- and Adventure is a good one!

    Merrilee -- I know how it is (believe me).

  4. I like to give myself lots of different goals in lots of different directions. I downloaded a free thought-mapping program called "mindnode" to help with my goalsetting and planning for the year. I love it--easy, elegant, colorful--could spend hours playing with it. I have a mac, but I suspect there's a PC option somewhere in cyberspace.

  5. Margaret, I'm the same way. Goals seem more practical to me. I was always picking resolutions that were basically dreaming or just wishing. :)

    Allie, I'm off to check out that program! Thanks!


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