Monday, June 13, 2011

Characters of All Kinds

This is Merrillee, and I'm thinking about characters other than human beings that can populate our books. I've only written a couple of books that feature animals. Mommy's Hometown Hero is set on a farm, and my upcoming January 2012 book, Montana Match, is set on a ranch. Farms and ranches are natural places to find animals.

Below is a photo of my cat Nomar. He's relaxing on the couch that sits near my desk. The heroine's daughter in Mommy's Hometown Hero gets two kittens for her birthday.

The photo below features a black and tan coon hound. The heroine of Montana Match gets a coon hound for her birthday.

This is a photo of a mourning dove that built her nest in the corner of the roof that covers the patio at my daughter's house. I watched this bird feed her baby until the day the baby left the nest. Maybe someday one of my books will include a bird leaving the nest.

What kind of animals do you like to see in a story? Does having an animal in a story make you more interested in reading it?

Also stop by the blog tomorrow and leave your comments for Lyn Cote who will be asking your opinion about why you decide to buy a book.


  1. Animals are very important for me in a book because it gives away people's treats that are usually more in disguise on their relations with humans. Add children and I'm hopeless; because children think and treat them as equal and that's too lovely.
    My Aunt says that my first bad word came through our dog's mouth ;). I told her - as soon as I learned it at kindergarden, I imagine - "Mum, Fauna said ***" and my Aunt doing her best not to laugh out loud replied "Well, Teresa, you must teach her not to say bad things or other dogs won't want to play with her in dogs' school and say that she's a bad girl. You don't want that to her, do you?" Until today :D.
    Funny that you mention Lyn Cote as she Masters the equation - adorable kids + funny and sweet pets + love - in her last "Daddy in the making".

  2. Teresa,
    I'm particularly fond of having kids in my stories. My next book features twin girls and the coon dog. Cute story about your first bad word. :)

  3. I think cats reign in my books, but I've had dogs, bulls, horses.

  4. Pamela and Lynn,
    I'll have to include more animals in my stories. :)

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  6. My WIPs always have animals. My current one has a cat, a yellow Lab and two American Paint horses.

  7. sorry for the late response I have been sick with a cold and coughing but wanted to post.
    I love cats that are cute or quirky or even evil to dogs.
    I have a fear of dogs but in a book thats ok.
    Cheryl Wyatt has geese in one of her books true they are imaginary geese but the way the scene reads is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo funny. as is her cat Psych was cool too.
    I think if a cat is in the book it needs to be more than window dressing. if its mentioned once it needs to be mentioned again otherwise I wonder what happened.
    Jillian Hart has a calf called buttercup in one series and its quite interesting.


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