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Lyn Cote Asks a Simple Question--What Makes You Buy a Book?

Lyn Cote here--I'm an author, right? And reader too. And a book buyer. Now I know why I buy a brand new book, but what makes YOU buy a book?

Publisher's Weekly (the magazine that publishers and booksellers live by) thinks it's a starred review within its book review section.

1-If you read a review of a book and it sounds good, does that lead you to buy it?

Or maybe it's the bestseller's lists like the NY Times or USA Today?
2-If you see a book on one of these lists, does that make you buy it?

3-Or a pretty cover?

4-Or reading a blog by an author and that prompts you to buy her book?

We need your input. So tell us what makes you either go to an online bookseller or a brick and mortar store and plunk down your hard-earned cash for a book.


Today we want your input as individuals and then tomorrow we'll put up a poll on the right side of this blog and you can vote for the reasons you purchase a book.

I've given 4 reasons, what's yours? And as a thank you, I'll give one person a vintage Love Inspired of mine. So leave a comment (and your email address with dot and at) for a chance to win a book! (I decided to pull out an older title because you're probably all tired of getting my latest--but I can do that if you prefer.)

So leave a reason and invite your friends over!--Lyn


  1. I didn't know Love inspired books - at all - until I met "Merrillee" in Facebook. And how did I met Merrilee? Through one of those pages I didn't know I "liked" ;) that was announcing her book and included a short review that was appealing - not too revealing but laying intrigue enough to make me consider buying. And there it started. Then, Merrilee, showed me this blog and I've been tempted by the writers reviews and also the interviews you add of characters to keep on buying the books...

    I don't buy a book for its cover (but I've been known of not buying one because I didn't like the cover... weird... turned out to be one of the best books I read - talk about not judging the book by...) or because it's in the NY Best Sellers List - because I've been lucky enough to read some that belonged to the list but so many more that will never make it.


    I finished your "Daddy in the Making" and loved it. I'll be looking for more books from you though I hate when I love the first one that much.
    Congratulations, you weaved a lovely and touching story in it!


  2. I usually read the review and the back of the book it see if it is one I'd like to read. I look at covers too (I love pretty covers-to me the cover says alot about the book). I don't really buy the book just based on the cover, but it does help in my decision. Like Teresa, I've been known of not buying a book because I didn't like the cover.


  3. Teresa,
    I hope my next book won't disappoint you! Since I write contemporary and historical romance, I still try to write with the same "feeling" in each book.

    Patsy, it's hard to resist a lovely cover, but an ugly one is easy to resist!

  4. Well, you already know the cover catches my eye immediately. But, I won't completely throw the idea out of buying it just because it may be an ugly cover. I will read the blurb on the back or if it's an author I know well, I will still get it. Also, if an author is good at promoting their story and they are new I will give them a try. As long as it has a good storyline and fun characters, I will give it a chance. Unless I get completely thrown off in the first few pages. I always read the first few pages of a book before I buy it.

  5. Jennifer-you made it!

    Yes, it's very important to read those first few pages because that's the only part the author has any say-so about!

  6. Lots of reasons why I buy a book:
    1) Is the subject something I'm interested in? (Romance, history, family saga)
    2) Is the storyline (from the back of the book) intriguing?
    3) Does the cover tell me something about the story?
    4) Do I know the author? If not, is it someone I've heard about. If neither of those two, I might buy the book based on storyline.
    5) Is it part of a series?
    6) If I'm ambivalent, then I'll go find a few reviews and make my judgement based on all of the above.

  7. 1-If you read a review of a book and it sounds good, does that lead you to buy it?
    Or maybe it's the bestseller's lists like the NY Times or USA Today?
    2-If you see a book on one of these lists, does that make you buy it?
    3-Or a pretty cover?
    4-Or reading a blog by an author and that prompts you to buy her book?
    All of the above and Publisher's websites, recommdation from friends and keeping up with favorite author's booksigning in my area. So many ways! So Much fun!
    Check out a favorite new author with two books that are amazing-Lilly Gayle, one is a paranormal romance titled OUT OF THE DARKNESS and the Other is a Victorian England and NC Romance titled SLIGHTLY TARNISHED!

  8. Correction on my email-
    It's rbooth43(at)yahoo(dot)com

  9. Marion and Rebecca--well thought out answers!

  10. What gets me to buy a book? Well let's see...
    1~a review may get me to buy
    2~bestsellers list don't get me to buy in fact I don't even look at them.
    3~covers don't work to get me to buy
    4~reading a blog by an author will get me to look closely at that book and sometimes buy
    5~the authors name on a book will get me to pick up a book and look through it and frequently buy
    6~the information on the back will get me to pick up a book and look through it reading a bit here and there
    7~a friends recommendation will get me to look at the book and then decide if I want to buy it(see #6 above)

  11. Hi Lyn, Great question today and lot of great answers from the ladies. I guess mainly I look for authors that I have read before and then read back of book to see what the story is about. I love to see who the characters are and how they might relate to the story. I love to read so get many many books, sometimes the cover will really look good but the story on back doesnt match and I dont usually go with just the cover idea. I do pick new authors tho from time to time and get great pleasure when the story speaks to me.

  12. I didnt leave my url, it is kyflo130@yahoo.com
    Paula O

  13. Great questions, Lyn, and I look forward to hearing the consensus.

    I generally pick up a book with an appealing cover or an intriguing title, then I read the first few pages. If I'm hooked, I buy it.

    I sometimes browse excerpts on Amazon of books or authors I've heard about.

  14. Cover or Author's name grabs me first. Then, I read the first sentence or two. If that grabs me, I read the back blurb. If the back blurb hooks me, it's pretty much a sale.

  15. Hi Lyn. For me it's a combination of things. THere's certain authors I always buy. Then there's the cover and the blurb. I'll also start reading hte first few pages and see if I'm drawn in if it's a new author to me. Great thought provoking question.

  16. For me its more the description of the book. I get alot of books online as I tend to look at the description of the book. The cover is important but not as important as the description. The NY times list means nothing to me being I am an aussie.
    Blogs are a way to find out about new books. I have bought books because of blogs where you get to know the author but also reader blogs like Relz Reviewz and others who review a book and also have interviews. I dont read the reviews at amazon etc much.
    The author will get me to buy it like if its Mary Connealy I want the book same with Gilbert Morris. I also love alot of the LI books infact love all LI books. I love Goodreads also as the interviews with the author or the hero makes me want to buy books and I have bought because of them.

  17. Great replies, Ladies. Drop by and vote in our poll tomorrow! And we'll announce the winner this weekend.

  18. Mostly, I will buy a book if a friend recommends it. We pass a lot of books around in my family and I often get a new favorite author that way. I rarely buy a random book because of a cover or a back blurb.

  19. Friends recommendations and blurbs are often what prompt me to buy a book.

    Waving to Teresa. I'm so glad I could introduce you to the Love Inspired books.


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