Thursday, June 9, 2011

Bridal Showers and Rain

Leigh Bale says howdy! Okay, we’re almost there. My daughter’s wedding is coming up soon. But the weather has been horrible. Not a good thing if you’re having the reception outside in your back yard. Freezing temperatures and rain. Our tomatoes, green peppers, squash and marigolds froze the night of June 2nd. Yes, we’re replanting in hopes that it will be pretty for the wedding day.

It was fitting that we had my daughter's bridal shower last week. Inside. Because it poured rain outside. But it didn’t dim our fun time one teensy bit. We laughed, teased each other, my daughter opened gifts, took wise advice from the grandmothers in the room, and we ate a wonderful luncheon prepared by the future sister-in-law. We had flowers, silly games and delicious cake with a squeeze of raspberry sauce and fresh raspberries. Delightful. Isn’t it funny how comfortable you can feel with family and friends during such a happy occasion?

Oh, and if the rain is here on the wedding day, I’m a prepared Mother of the Bride. I long ago scheduled the church house, just in case. We’ll drag the flower pots, stone benches and gifts along and set it all up inside. Rain or shine, we love each other and will celebrate the wedding of our beautiful girl.

Have you ever planned a major event and had bad weather or some other obstacle try to mess it up? How did you overcome the problem?

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Enjoy! Leigh


  1. For years, our whole family has talked about how fun it would be to rent a big cabin and go away for a Fourth of July weekend. This year, we actually did it. Booked a cabin. In Greer, Arizona. You might have seen it on the news last night. Not in the path of the fire. It was the fire. We've stayed there before. We are so sad for the community and for the people we rent from.

  2. Oh, I'm so sorry to hear that, Pamela. I've been watching the news and so sad for those poor people. We've had such extreme weather lately all across the world. My prayers and thoughts go out to those people who are suffering from it.


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