Friday, June 10, 2011

Ask Elnora--about migraines!!! Lenora Worth

Hello!! I'm fashionably late. That's because I had a horrid migraine last night and then forgot my post!! So can someone tell me why migraines hurt so much!!!


  1. Elnora, I feel your pain! Migraines, according to are caused by changes in substances in the brain leading to inflammation. Triggers vary.

    Sigh. For me triggers can be the weather, certain foods, and stress. I am blessed that Excedrin works for me (the only over the counter med proven to do so apparently or so I am told).

    I hated hormonal migraines but I am past those.

    Hope you are better today!

    Blessings, Julie

  2. Thanks Julie. I have great medicine. I've had migraines all my life. This one was a monster. Not sure what trigger it but the heat is not helping.

  3. Elnora-As for the pain I'm unsure.Although I keep saying they've sent men & women to the moon and haven't discovered a cure for migraines? I've had migraines since the age of 25 (now 50).I take two medications and imitrex injections. Thankfully I have a DR. who allows me an emergency home kit of 50mg penerghan and tylox for the severe migraines which allow me to go straight to bed rather than the ER.
    just odors in general can bring a migraine on for me.

  4. I feel your pain. Hope it goes away soon. I usually take two Ibuprofen and go sleep it off. Fortunately, I don't get them that often but red wine and chocolate mixed together can set them off. Go figure. The two best things in the world.

  5. Ironic to open the blog and see your post since I'm fighting a migraine at the moment. For me fatigue is a major trigger. Also when my TMJ is acting up and when my neck and shoulder muscles tighten up.
    Today it's fatigue. My migraines are concentrated at my left temple. Makes seeing out of the left eye difficult. I take muscle relaxants and occasionally Ibuprofen.
    Elnora, I hope you feel better soon.

  6. Thanks to everyone for all the comments. I did get better Friday, but had a busy weekend with a one-day workshop here on Saturday. Lots of great speakers, however. I'll drop names: Deb Dixon (if you don't have her how-to book on Goal, Motivation and Conflict, you must get it! It's a writer's toolbox must-have! Also Kerrelyn Sparks--one of our steamy sisters!!, Laura Marie Altom who writes for American Romance and our own darling Winnie Griggs, just to mention a few. One of my Super Sisters--Liz Talley--put the whole thing together (with a lot of help from Phylis Caskey--remember that name. She'll be among our ranks one day, too). It was a good day and I held the headache off until Sunday night. It came back with a vengeance. So Elnora is still a bit puny today. Terri, I have TMJ and certain things do trigger my migraines--fatigue, the weather, too much salty food, you name it. I can't drink red wine. If I look at red wine, I seem to get a migraine. Chocolate doesn't bother Elnora so much--thankfully. Alas, old age is also a factor for me. You are all sweethearts to commiserate with me. (That word is a combination of company and misery, don't you think?) Misery does love company. I hope we all feel better today! I have a lot to get done before the sun goes down.

  7. I'm so sorry about the migraine, Elnora. I have them all the time. Have had them ever since I can remember - even as a small child. I still have them. I have been under doctors care all my life and basically they say there is no cure. ugh! Usually what sets mine off is stress, sleep pattern and scheduling. Who doesn't have a stressful life these days. I used to have to go get shots and go to bed, but I now take Imatrex and go to bed. That helps some- not completely but where I can go about my day when I get up.

  8. Anything can set off a migraine for me. Sunlight, lights at Wal-mart, certain foods, weather, stress, not enough sleep, etc., etc. Does anyone get auras first? My migraines start with an aura. The aura lasts anywhere from 5 to 15 minutes and then the horrible pain hits!

  9. Yes, I get the aura sometimes. When this one hit Thursday night, I'd been out to dinner with some friends and I sat down to rest and watch television and the tv screen seemed to brighten. I had to blink and then I got really sleepy--that's usually a sign for me, too.

    Elnora hates discussing this horrible affliction, but at least we know we're not alone in this. It is not fun at all.