Monday, June 6, 2011

Do You Read a Book More Than Once?

Pamela Tracy here, and, of course, I’m thinking about books. Friday, in the comments section of Ask Elnore, Vince asked, “Do the Craftie Ladies ever reread books?” It made me go hunting for a statistic... I didn't find a definite statistic. On almost every Readers' blog, though, was a resounding. "Yes, we reread."

I can’t speak for all of us, but I feel pretty safe venturing a “We all do!”

It made me think. Which five books have I read the most.

Gone With the Wind (4 times)
Outlander (5 times)
Little House on the Prairie series (7 times)
Mrs. Mike (5 times)
The House of Long Shadows (5 times)

I’ve read the Bible through once, but books like Genesis and/or Matthew probably in the double digits.

How about you? What five books have you read the most?

Pamela Tracy's next book, Once Upon a Cowboy, is available in August. Feel free to read and reread it.


  1. When I was younger I reread books like the little house books. Enid Byton books I read so many times the books were almost falling apart. I read the Narnia series many times. but as an Adult I have maybe read one or two books (mainly christmas novellas) a second time. I have so many books on my tbr list that I dont have time to reread books.

  2. Oh, I need to Google Enid Byton. I've read the Narnia books, I think, 2 or 3 times. Yes, as an adult it's definitely harder. LOL, the books are longer, too.

  3. I've read the Bible through several times (USUALLY a different translation)and have reread some of Catherine Marshall's books. Love to read Christian fiction, but rarely reread it.

  4. Jackie,
    I'm with you on the different translation. Right now I'm reading the Archiologist Bible. It had snippets about ancient cultures and habits. So, how many times have you read Numbers?

  5. I always read books more than once, in full and then if I really like it I come back from time to time and read my favorite parts several times.
    This is easier with smaller books, in opposition with the "big" ones, but I usually use Summer Hollidays to reread one that I speacially need to "revisit" in that determined time of my life.
    Hubby says I have to read books more than once because I don't read books in a "normal" way LOL. I start a book, then when I meet all the characters I can't help but move forward some pages and see what's happening and if I'm getting really curious I go and read the end :D. And only then I return to the beggining and read the book in full. Crazy, uh?

  6. Nope, not crazy. I find I do that when I'm listening to a book on tape. I'm always fast forwarding to the good part.

  7. Pamela, Enid Bylton wrote so many books shes English. I love the Magic faraway tree series, the naughtiest girl in school, Mr Gilliano's Circus and the secret seven and famous five.

  8. I guess there are just a few that I've re-read. Deborah Smith's A Place to Call Home. Pride and Prejudice and some other classics. Twilight.

    There are just too many in my TBR pile for me to re-read much anymore.

    Now, favorite movies...that's another story. I watch them over and over. :)

  9. I used to read books over and over. I read "Practically Sixteen" several times in high school. I've read "Gone With the Wind" at least twice. "Wuthering Heights" too if I remember correctly. I read "Shanna" several times. (Big historical romance back in the late seventies!

    Now I "want" to read books again but find I have to move on to all the others scattered around my house!

  10. Jenny,
    I've written the name down. Thanks for the advice.

  11. Missy,
    I've had A Place to Call Home for years and have not gotten around to it. I need to put it to the top of my TBR pile. Thanks for the recommendation.

  12. Lenora,
    I remember Practically Sixteen! I've got lots of hardcover books. I have one called Candy Stripers that I just love.

  13. I don't get to read as often as I like anymore, and don't have time to re-read any of the ones I really liked. As a child though, I devoured all the Oz books, A Secret Garden, A Little Princess, and of course all the Little House on the Prairie books. Thanks for the memories.

  14. Kim,
    I've never read the OZ books. I tried. I need to try again.


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