Monday, June 27, 2011

RWA Conference--by Leann Harris

RWA is in New York this week. It is the best time for us writers. We come out of our little worlds (offices) and get to meet other writers who are interested in what we are writing, swap stories, get kudos or sympathy depending on whether we've sold a new book or got rejected. Also we get to meet in person the people we blog with.

Another highlight is going to dinner with your editor. And the Harlequin party is a high point of the week and sometimes the talk if the conference. If you write for another publisher, you get to go to that dinner.

For several years running, I roomed with a friend from Denver. It was such fun. For nearly 15 years I never missed RWA. The first year I did, I was blue all week. I’m missing it this year, too. I wish all my fellow Steeple Hill friends a good time. I hope I’ll see them in Sept at the ACFW conference in St. Louis.

Have a good time, ladies. Hopefully, someone will blog while there.


  1. Leann, I'm at home in WI too. I'm going to ACFW in Sept in St Louis. I haven't been to a big conference since 2008!

  2. I'm at home in AZ too. And, I'll be at ACFW. I couldn't justify RT, RWA, and ACFW. I decided on ACFW over RWA, but I'm still blue.


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