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"Ask Elnora" Becomes "Lyn Asks"-Share Your Thanksgiving Highlights

Our sweet Lenora is away due to family matters. And she asked me to take over for today! I guess she thinks that over the 15 years we've been friends that I've absorbed all her Elnora vibes!

But did I need them? I told my husband very early in our marriage that I was practicing for when I was a grouchy old lady. One day, he told me to stop practicing, I didn't need anymore! :-)

That same sweet husband is always my Thanksgiving feast helper. He begins by dicing up the dried bread for stuffing. Then he minces the onions and celery for said stuffing. (Or do you call it "dressing?" Either's delicious to me.)

My dh does this because I am a tearer of bread and he likes it cubed the way his grandmother did it. As long as he dices, I'm good with it!

Now I'm going to share my recipe for Slow Cooker Stuffing. My husband lives for turkey and dressing and I must have plenty of leftovers. I can't stuff enough into the bird--even if I get one that weighs in over 25 lbs.

Here's the link to the recipe at

Now I am constitutionally INCAPABLE of making most recipes without fiddling with them. So I don't add the parsley, mushrooms or marjoram. But the rest works well. I get raves and have tons leftover without tying up the oven.

Do you have a Thanksgiving feast helper?
Or a recipe you'd like to share?
Do you call it dressing or stuffing or both???


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  1. We must have:

    The whole turkey, not just a turkey breast.

    Green bean casserole

    Stuffing (but I can't eat it because I am allergic to corn and wheat)

    Sweet potato casserole

    My daughter-in-law's apple pie

    My daughter's pumpkin pie


    Asparagus - half the family hates it but the other half loves it.

    Anything else is considered an extra.

    We have discovered that Sister Schubert's rolls are an almost exact duplicate of my MIL's roll recipe so we don't miss those quite since she isn't baking as much these days.

    Looking forward to the other comments!

    Peace, Julie

  2. We call it stuff.

    I don't have to worry about cooking it because we go to my sister-in-law's, but I do Christmas and yes, if I do a turkey, it has to be whole.

    My husband is actually a better cook than I as he cares about the details - perfect measurements and he looks the little devices you stick in food to tell their correct temperature.

    Me, I'm a "Let's just pray more butter on it and some seasoning salt and we're good" kind of cook.

    Oh, and it the above butter didn't help, there's always ketchup.

  3. We call it dressing. My husband loves the way his mother makes it, so she usually does the dressing. If I make it, it isn't good enough mainly because I use Pepperidge Farm and don't spend hours tearing up bread. :) Everyone loves my homemade crescent rolls and pumpkin pie. No one in our family likes dark meat, so if we have a crowd, we will cook two turkey breasts. This year we are having Thanksgiving at my daughter's house, and she is getting a fresh turkey from the farmers' market, so it may be a whole turkey.

  4. My husband does the dressing, southern corn bread dressing that my kids love. He also makes the apple pie and when we go to the family gathering, they want him to bring the pie.

  5. You are all making my mouth water!!!

  6. Thanksgiving is a large extended family event around here and everyone brings something to contribute to the meal. The basics include a whole turkey, rice and shrimp dressing, cornbread and sausage dressing, creamed corn, some kind of seafood dish (stew or gumbo), green beans and fresh rolls. Then there are always tons of 'extra' sides and desserts.
    As for the stuffing vs dressing question, I've always heard you call it stuffing if it goes inside the turkey and dressing if you cook it separate.

  7. I made my dressing (it never goes in the bird, so we call it dressing) :) in the Crockpot last year after Lyn's suggestion. It worked out great!!

    Thanks for sharing, Lyn! I need to put my hubby to work chopping. Only he'd go on strike and not do the celery. He can't stand the stuff! :)

  8. On my hubby's side of the family, the meal is a traditional sit down with turkey and all the trimmings. His mother makes the dressing, but I'm not a big fan because hers is soggy (one of her very few faults *g*)...I prefer stuffing because it is usually moist but not soggy. I'm also one of the few who like dark meat in the family!

    My side of the family is more non-traditional...more toward soup and sandwiches, come when you can kind of thing. This year my sister is making homemade Beef and of my favorites.

    Must haves at both places...pumpkin pie!

  9. Something else to be thankful - a helping husband :)

    Happy Thanksgiving to you Ladies.


  10. Stuffing in the crockpot. What a great idea. I'm going to try it this year. My son-in-law and daughter do most of the family dinner, with me providing the veggies, but I don't think anyone will object to my making some extra stuffing.

  11. My dil is hosting the family this year but asked me to bring the dressing...not cornbread. But white bread, with sautéed onions and celery and seasonings, moistened with heated milk and turkey broth after cooking the neck. Lots of sage and poultry seasoning make everything so yummy!

    Also bringing appetizers and rolls. Love Sister Schuberts. Thanks, Julie, for reminding me how much I love them!

    Winnie, please share the shrimp dressing recipe. Pretty please!

  12. Hello, my darlings. We are home. And just in time to plan our Thanksgiving meal. Thanks to that other blonde, ElLynn, for doing such a great job filling in for me. I am exhausted. But our family member who had surgery is on the mend even though she also suffered a heart attack after the surgery. Prayers appreciated. I have a "Seafood Dressing" recipe that makes ground men weep. It's probably a lot like Winnie's yummy shrimp dressing. It's mostly cornbread and store bought stuffing mixed with butter, celery, onions and peppers (the trinity of Cajun cooking, right Winnie!) And cooked crumbled sausage (hot) with shrimp and crawfish. And a lot of Cajun spices! My friend Renee gave me the original but I added the shrimp and a few other things. I think I gaine weight eating hospital food but ... I'll worry about that after Thanksgiving. I am so thankful for all of you! And for my editors who managed to put up with me! And my Big Daddy and my two children (grown now.)So good to be home and here with all of you! Thanks Lynn!

  13. Giggle--that's grown men (not ground men.) I hit post before proofing. Shows how tired I am. Almost bed time for Elnora. :)


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