Monday, November 28, 2011

Black Friday bonanza

Kim Watters here. I finally did it. I bought a Kindle. I wasn't planning on it when I went shopping on Black Friday. I mean, who would have thought Target would still have any in stock at 10:00 in the morning. I may be crazy enough to go shopping on that day, but I draw the line at waking up way too early, or not going to sleep at all. Trust me people, at my age, I need my beauty sleep.

Anyway, kids in tow, yes, I brought them along, too. (didn't matter because I'd already finished my Christmas shopping-shall I mention my cards and Chirstmas letter are done along with the Christmas portraits? Oh and we put up the tree and decorations yesterday.What can I say, I'm an organized Virgo!) And I just can't resist a sale.

The kids actually found the Kindle first. "Come on, Mom. Just think of how much we'll read now."

"Really?" Hooked, bait, line and sinker.

"Of course." As my youngest is playing a game on the Fire.


"Paleeze." They both whine.

Well, they were majorly on sale (a regular Kindle not the Fire) and still there so maybe it was time to get one since they still had five in stock and my kids are the computer literate generation and can probably teach me how to operate it. "Fine."

So, that's how it happened along with the GPS system, (so Mom doesn't get lost anymore) and the portable DVD player ( to keep my kids from killing each other on those long drive). My kids are determined to ring me into their computer world.

Next year though, I'm going out alone!

So who else ventured out on Friday and waht did you get?


  1. Wow, you were brave, Kim! We didn't shop at all that day. I spent the morning with family and the afternoon basking in the sunshine (it was almost 80 degrees in south Georgia that day!).

  2. I didn't shop either.
    I love my kindle.
    But, my GPS is in my glovebox, never used, and clearly feeling unloved and misunderstood.

  3. Good morning ladies. Thanks for stopping by. Missy and Pam, I go out every year. Call me crazy but I love the challenge. Pam, I'm sure my GPS will get a lot of use. Especially when I venture into new territory. :)

  4. I didn't go out on Friday, but I made the mistake of going to the craft store on Saturday. You couldn't stir 'em with a stick. But I determined to smile and enjoy Christmas.

  5. I didn't shop either! Still thinking of a Kindle though. Can't do without the GPS!!

  6. congrats on the kindle. At an Aussie blog they are discussing the kindle now we can actually buy it in Australia and not have to send away for it. The lady didn't realise like me it doesn't have a backlight which was a deterrent for her. Also its $219 for the 3g one. I told her the wifi one is just as good and its $160 I think.
    we dont have black Friday (the reference here refers to a really bad Friday back in the 30's I think where there were major bushfires and lifes lost)
    But I did shop cyber Monday! I finally ordered Stargate universe season 2 had to have it shipped to a friend who will send it to me. but it got it for way cheaper than I would have here.

  7. That's wonderful! I got a kindle too :)

  8. My hat's off to you. I, on the other hand, have become a very avid online shopper these past few years. Just not brave enough to face the hoards that fill the aisles between Thanksgiving and Christmas.

  9. Thanks for stopping by everyone. Actually since most of the stores opened at crazy hours like midnight, by the time I got out there it wasn't too bad.

    Leanne, craft stores are just as crazy. I went to one on Sunday after all the discounts were done and there was still a line!

    Jackie. I thought I'd never get a GPS until I borrowed one from my friend when we went to Chicago. I would have gotten lost without it.

    Hi Jenny. I can't imagine not being able to just go and get something or having to order it. Do you guys have a day that you go shopping for Christmas then? And what a tragedy that our shopping Friday is such a sad reference to a bad day in history for you. Hugs.

    Hey Feye. Enjoy your Kindle. My kids have already made a list, and have downloaded some of the classics. What a great way to get them to read them! :)

    Hi Winnie. I shop on-line as well. I can't resist a sale. Do they have a 10-step program for that??? :)

    Have a great rest of your week.

  10. Kim most dont think of Black friday its the same with Black Saturday we remember that as the bush fires in Victoria a few years ago but its not something thats said much.
    We have the sales after Christmas. The Boxing day sales. I am not sure how the retailers would cope with having all the sales before Christmas but sounds good to me.
    We dont have Thanksgiving so to have the sales would be strange. But the boxing day sales are very much like your Black Friday sales. Not so much in my town and when I am in the city I go to the cricket! Not the sale person. To me unless I need it its not a special. expecially at present. I have been known to buy up on books cos koorong will have up to 25% of books.

  11. Kim, you'll love using your Kindle. I have a Nook, and I think it helps me read faster. I was in Baltimore visiting family and enjoying time with my granddaughter. I did not go shopping on Black Friday unless you count going with my daughter and son-in-law to pick out their Christmas tree. They went to this place that is a garden store that has been made into the most incredible Christmas store. Ornaments and decorations were everywhere. I did buy an ornament for the lady who was watching our cat.

    I like cyber shopping.

  12. Not me! Okay, well, I didn't venture anywhere on black Friday except to the grocery store. :)

    Congrats on your kindle. Let us know how you like it! :)


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