Monday, November 14, 2011

What are You Reading?

There was a calendar mix up for the post today. So I'm just popping in to share my upcoming book cover, which I recently saw was up on Amazon (I LOVE it!!) and to ask...

What are you reading? Do you have any big plans to read over the Thanksgiving holiday (once your cooking and cleaning up is done, of course!)? :)



  1. I'm reading a Harlen Coben book right now called Miracle Cure.

  2. I'm reading Skirting the Grave by Annette Blair.

  3. I'm reading The Colonel's Lady by Laura Frantz and An Honorable Gentleman by Regina Scott. And then there's the nonfiction research books...

  4. I love Harlen Coben, Terri. How is the Miracle Cure? Is it new?

    I'm reading Kate Brady's second book...Last to Die.

    Plus, a non-fiction by Scott Hahn.

  5. Love the cover when will the book be out?
    Im reading back to resolution by Rose Dee its a debut Aussie author.
    Im liking it.

  6. Such a lovely cover Missy!

    I'm reading the last from Nora and stressing over the crafts I want to do (in my case for Christmas).

    Wishing you the best,

  7. Oh we dont have thanksgiving so no plans there. but working out hotel plans for Christmas as I hope to go to Melbourne for the week.

  8. Thanks on the cover! I love it. It'll be out in February. :)

    I'm reading The Help. I know, I'm behind the times! ;) I've had the book since it came out and just pulled it out. I'm loving it! Don't want to put it down.

    Sounds like y'all are reading lots of different things!

    Teresa, do you do the crafts as gifts? Or just to decorate?

  9. I am just starting Ruth Logan Herne's Christmas book. I used to have a rule not to read Christmas until after Thanksgiving but I am giving that up because I can't wait!

    And I can't wait for your new one.

    I loved The Help too. The movie does it justice but I found myself going, "they left out the part where...."

    Peace, Julie

  10. I love your books Missy. Just wanted you to know. I am reading 'A Family-Style Christmas' by Carolyne
    Aarsen today. I received the Christmas collection from Love Inspired. Thanks for the post.

    Glenda Parker

  11. Love the cover...

    I'm reading Mrs. Jefferies and the Mistletoe Mix-Up.

  12. Julie, welcome back! I loved the wedding photos! :)

    Glenda, thank you! What books came in the Christmas bundle? I don't think I've seen it.

    Thanks, Rhonda! I love the title of the book you're reading. :)

  13. Jenny, I love reading debuts. I love see what made an editor take a chance on a new author.

  14. Right now I am mostly reading textbooks for school, but I did recently finish Christmas Belles of Georgia

  15. Missy its an exciting time in Australia with many new authors. We have also just had the Caleb awards for our best books and unpublished books etc for the year.

  16. Hey, Ausjenny, haven't connected with you in awhile! How are you? Hope things are well.

    I'm reading Marrying Miss Marshall. I've wanted to read it for a couple months but have been trying to finish up other books! It's great being back in the old west again!

    Last year we got snowed in for Thanksgiving (unusual) so this year we are hoping that doesn't happen! Since we are planning to go away for Christmas, we are just having a quiet Thanksgiving here - just my husband and I!

  17. Debby, it a release. Not a Myron book. Its got a nice mystery to it so far.

  18. I'm reading multiple books. On my i-Touch, I'm reading Water for Elephants. On my Nook, I'm reading He Kills Me, He Kills Me not by Lena Diaz. Print book, I'm reading Winter Is Past by Ruth Axtell Morren. Also print book, Love Bella by Renee Ryan. Non-fiction, The Moral Premise by Stanley D. Williams. Do you think I might have a touch of ADD?

  19. Oh, Missy, forgot to say that I love your cover.

  20. Merrillee,
    If you have it, so do I. I'm reading Skirting the Grave in print (my favorite venue). I just finished Mary Queen of Scotts on audio. And I'm reading one of the LOve Finds You... on my Kindle.

  21. Carissa, good luck with those classes! I know how happy I was to finally graduate and read whatever I wanted! :)

    Jenny, that's very cool!

    Valri, I hope you have a nice (uneventful, weather-wise) Thanksgiving! :)

    Merrillee, thanks!

  22. Coming on very late here. I'm reading Reinventing Leona by Lynn Gentry.


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