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Editors, Agents, Contests, and More

Today is the 1000th post here on the Craftie Ladies of Romance. One thousand! Wow.

When you've managed to post that many times, you must have a lot to say.

So, first, you need to know there's a contest that Lyn Cote and Lynette Eason are putting on over at Goodreads, and the prize happens to be Love Inspired books from authors on the blog. Please hop over there to see what's going on. Over 200 readers have already entered their names! The link is posted on the sidebar.

All month we've been doing a "What We're Thankful For..." We've done readers, writers, and today, we're doing both editors and agents. Some of our Crafties are listing their thankfulness below: others are doing it on the comment portion.


“I'm so thankful for my editor, Emily Rodmell, who pulled me out of the slush pile and gave me a chance! I'm thankful for my agent who helped me get my foot in the door with another publisher and who does her best to make sure I have the best deal possible. I'm very thankful God placed these people in my life when He did. His timing is always perfect and I'm thankful for that too!”

Lynette Eason

“I’m so grateful for editors who take the grist of our stories and help make them sing.”

Cara Putman :-)

“I'm so thankful for my editor, Emily Rodmell, who took a chance on my stories and helps to make them shine. God bless! Thanks also go to the many "hands," from line editor to copy editor, who work so hard to ensure our stories are their very best.””

Christine Johnson

“I'm thankful for the wonderful editors at Love Inspired, In particular, Emily Rodmell and Joan Marlow Golan as well as Marsha Zinberg in Toronto, Canada. This last spring, my husband was diagnosed with terminal cancer and given two months to live. I had three books and a novella under contract. As soon as the word got out about my situation my pressing deadlines vanished. I was told to take all the time off I needed and contact them when I was ready to write again. Their notes and words of encouragement showed me how much they care as people, not just as editors.”

Patricia Davids


“For my agents, Nalini Akolekar and Karen Solem, I hold the deepest gratitude. Your encouragement has meant the world to me. When my spirits dip, you lift them up. When I ask silly questions, you answer with great patience. Thank you!”

Christine Johnson

My agent, Michelle Grajkowski, has been a true blessing in my life. Alternately cheerleader, taskmaster, career counselor, bulldog advocate and dear friend, she is always squarely in my corner. When I went through a three and a half year dry spell in my career, she never once made me feel as if she had lost faith in either me or my writing. I’m not sure I could have kept going through that scary time if she had not been there, encouraging and adamantly believing in me.

Winnie Griggs

“One of the literary agents I had queried, Pam Hopkins, called me and asked for a 'revise and resubmit' about an hour before an editor from Harlequin called and offered to buy the book. I knew right then I wanted Pam to represent me. Why? Because she was right. The pieces of the story Pam wanted tweaked where identical to the pieces the editor wanted revised. Also, anyone can deliver good news. Delivering bad news is an art. Pam was encouraging without being unrealistic and tough without being unkind. I am thankful for her support and encouragement every day. I call her my, 'crazy buffer.' Believe me, she doesn't get paid nearly enough!”

Sherri Shackelford

Regina Scott is incredibly thankful for her agent, Emily Sylvan Kim of Prospect Agency. Publishing can be a challenging business, and Emily is always in Regina’s corner, encouraging and helping her envision new ways to go forward.

Both Editors and Agents

“I'm thanksful for being able to write for Love Inspired Suspense and work with my wonderful editor Emily Rodmell. She always makes my stories better. I'm also grateful for Deidre Knight, my agent, who believes in me and in my writing.”

Debby Giusti

“I want to thank my editors for all their hard work. Your input is invaluable and appreciated.I'm a better writer because of you. I also want to thank my agent, Steve Laube. I appreciate all your wisdom and support over the years.”

Margaret Daley

“I'm so thankful for my wonderful editor, Emily Rodmell, who makes all my books better--and makes me proud to see them on the shelf. And I'm thankful for my amazing agent, Natasha Kern, for believing in me and my work, and for being my cheerleader.”
Missy Tippens

“I’m so glad to have agent like Steve Luabe in my corner to remind me of all I can do and all I have time to do and to reign me in when my ideas go amuck. I’m also glad to have an editor like Tina James to guide me so my stories are the best they can be.

Pamela Tracy


  1. Awesome post, ladies! I'd like to chime in and thank my editor, Emily Rodmell, for taking a chance on me. Her guidance and wisdom help make my stories so much better than they would be otherwise. Very blessed!

  2. How wonderful to see the thanks! It's an amazing industry to work in. Tough at times. But I'm so thankful.

  3. I have to add my thanks to my editor Tina James for taking a chance on me! She offered me a contract on a book before I had even turned in the revisions--before I even knew what the revisions were!

    She's made everything refreshingly simple and easy.

  4. When I typed my thanks, I could have made it so much longer. I'd be thanking Krista for buying me, Jessica Alverez, Diana V. and each editor down the line :)

  5. I missed the original posts, so I will give my thanks here. I'm thankful for all the editors at Love Inspired who have been part of my career, especially Diane, who bought my first book. I'm very thankful for my agent Pattie Steele-Perkins who has helped me negotiate the business of writing and publishing. I thank God for putting these people in my life, and I'm thankful that this writing business has brought me in contact with the other wonderful writers who are part of Love Inspired.

  6. Merrillee and I are in the same boat. I missed the original request. I'm thankful to my editor, Tina James. This last book was a bear but she hung in there with me, talking me through it until that hero fell into line.

  7. How do you find the contest on Goodreads? I went on the site (I'm a member) but I can't find where to go from the Home Page! I searched around but couldn't find anything!

  8. Ditto what everyone has said about Emily. She's my editor as well and has worked so hard for me and with me to make my stories the best they can be. Thank you, Emily!

  9. I missed the post too...deadline haze and being off line :) but I need to chime in and offer thanks to a long line of wonderful editors. I'm so thankful for Joan Marlow Golan who read The Trouble with Lacy Brown as a finalist in the Golden Heart. She handed me over to the awesome Krista Stroever...I'll never, ever forget Krista's call. Krista fell in love with Mule Hollow and gave me hard, wonderful advice for the next 18 books. I credit Krista with helping me build my career and am so so thankful for her. I'm equally thankful for my new editor the fantastic Melissa Endlich who has the same smart editing and love of my work. I am thrilled to be working with her and sooo thankful for her. I add my thankfulness to a fantastic group of editorial assistants who have worked with me on all behind the scenes things that go into the making of my books. That list includes these wonderful, dedicated ladies: Emily Rodmell (before she became editor :) Elizabeth Mazer also before she became editor, and now Melissa's assitant Rachel Burkot who does a fabulous job. Also, Shanna Smith too, who always did an excellent job as one of Krista's assistants...I believe that's the list of ladies who have helped my books shine alone the way. And then there is my first agent Joyce Hart who believed in me and I'm thankful for that. Then last but totally not the least, there is my wonderful agent Natasha Kern who works so hard for me, is an awesome lady and I'm so thankful to have her in my corner! So there I guess I'm done now. God's been so awesome along the way placing just the right people in my path. I'm forever thankful! And long winded :) Blessings to all and happy Thanksgiving.

  10. Chiming in late too. Been a busy week and not checking my email. I'm thankful for the Love Inspired staff for all their hard work at making our books better. I appreciate my editor, Emily for her commitment to each project. I'm thankful for Elizabeth for her work on my upcoming book The Secret Heiress. I'm thankful for the copyeditors who read our work and catch the mistakes or ask great questions. I'm thankful for Joan's guidance and vision for the lines. I feel blessed to be able to write for Love Inspired.

  11. I'm very thankful for Tina James. She made a dream come true by buying The Marshal's Promise.

    And, I'm also thankful that Tamela Hancock Murray is my agent as well as my friend.

    God is awesome in that He brought both these wonderful ladies into my life and I will forever be thankful.


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