Friday, August 24, 2012

Ask Elnora--About Diamonds??? Lenora Worth

Elnora has diamonds on her mind. And in celebration of my current release "The Diamond Secret" I'm going to give away one book and one very pretty kind-of-diamond-looking necklace. (Since I can't actually afford to give away a real diamond!)All you have to do is tell me about your favorite piece of jewelry. Or what kind of jewelry you'd like to have. I'll draw a name from all the blinging bloggers!
The necklace is lovely. All the talk about diamonds got me to thinking about the real jewels in life. Friends. Some friends are like rubies--they are vibrant, bold and willing to take on the world. Other friends are pretty blue sapphires--dainty, happy and always sparkling. And some friends are emeralds--lush and quiet and strong, earthy. Then there are diamonds--brilliant, shining, multi-faceted, elegant and full of possibilties. What would we do without our friends? Right now, I have a friend who is suffering greatly. She needs our prayers. She is a true gem. It would be good for her to look up and feel the prayers of so many other gems sparkling around her. We can do that, right? We all started out like a lump of coal, but we've been refined by fire, shaped by the Master's hand and formed in His image. Some friends are truly more precious than rubies. Do you have a friend who is a jewel? Let's discuss.


  1. I am blessed to have several friends who are all gems in their own right. Now, don't enter me since I don't want to take something away from a reader, but my favorite piece of jewelry is an antique cross, silver and turquoise, from Mexico. I wear it at least once during every conference I go to. I seem to be developing a thing for more vintage pieces lately, but I just look. Collecting can be too expensive. :)

  2. Lenora,
    I'm continuing to pray for your friend, a gal I consider my friend as well. Any info you can share about the condition of her family?

    I have three silver bangle bracelets that have scripture verses on them. They're my go-to jewlry. Love having the verses close at hand, so to speak. :)

  3. Lenora,
    I, too, am praying for your friend.

    My husband gave me a bracelet the first year we were dating. It's the last thing he picked out, jewelry wise, and I love it. Now, he insists I choose my own.

    They made me take it off when I had my son and now the clasp is always breaking.

  4. Actually turguoise and silver are my favorite jewelry. I have a lovely necklace a cousin made me.

    Praying for your friend.

  5. Lenora -- I'm praying for your friend, too.

    My favorite necklace is one with a small diamond on it -- it's the same necklace I gave to my sisters, mother and nieces for Christmas last year (10 of us in total -- it was a very good deal and the diamond isn't large, but I loved giving us all identical diamond necklaces).

  6. Thanks for the reminder about God shaping us.

  7. Hello Lenora, like the looks of this book and your talk of diamonds...
    I dont have much jewelry but did get a ring recently that is a red diamond with white diamonds around it, had never heard of a red one before.
    God be with your friend and family.
    thanks for sharing today.
    Paula O(

  8. Praying for your friend! I have several "gem" friends and am so thankful.
    My favorite jewelry is a necklace my deceased Aunt gave my Mom (also deceased)....when I wear it, I feel close to both of them!
    Would love to read your new book!

  9. Thanks for all the warm thoughts. I had to leave the house so it could be shown. It is for sale, after all. I shopped for a friend's birthday and of course bought myself somethings on the clearance rack. No jewelry though.

    Love all the jewelry stories. I had a favorite bracelet and lost it! But I do love the tiny diamond pendant my husband gave me for Christmas one year. He also gave me a lovely multi-colored cross that was made in Italy. It's kind of porcelain with painted symbols on it. I wear that a lot.

  10. I've never liked jewelry too much and when my wedding ring got ruined after only 6 months (married 27 years! now), I asked my hubby for a simple band! But, friends, those are my true jewels in life! My best friend & I have known each other since we were 2 ! And I am lucky enough to have two best friends....the other one, has been since high school. We're both grandmas now and I treasure her friendship very much - as I do the other friend!

  11. Hi Lenora, I am not a big jewelry person, my fave would be the necklace, bracelet, ring from Hawaii with black coral in it. its not expensive but the design is pretty. I also have a simple one I have on a chain with the black coral to not look so dressed up.

    I like simple, I love the opal necklace mum gave me when I turned 18 but the chain broke and it needs a link to put it on another chain.
    also when I turned 40 a friend gave me a small gold cricket bat with a ball charm which I wore for many years and still do at times.

    I have a friend who is a gem although she doesn't realise it. She is the one I texted when I collapsed and she got me help. She also travelled 5 hours to spend about 20 mins with me in the hospital. It was such a surprise and so unexpected but its not the first time she has come. On year she and her hubby took there new car for a drive and spent about 3 hours with me and another time when I was down they came to surprise me. She is a real gem. I wish I could do the same for her but I don't drive.

  12. My wedding ring and a heart shaped necklace are my favorite because my husband gave them to me. I'll cherish them always!

  13. I'll be happy to pray for your friend!

  14. You are all gems!! A friend who drives five hours to see you is a keeper. I visited my friend today. Things are a little more hopeful today!! I will draw my winner on Monday!!

  15. Congratulations, Jennifer. You are the winner of a copy of "The Diamond Secret" and the "almost diamond" necklace. I will send you an e-mail to alert you!

  16. Thank you so much! I'm very grateful and I will cherish the necklace and your book The Diamond Secret!

  17. Jennifer, email me through my website with tour maong address and I'll get it mailed!!


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