Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Allie Pleiter - What's a book to you?

What’s a book to you?

Escape.  Inspiration.  To slow down.  To learn something. To pull my brain out of life’s everyday.  For entertainment.  To fight boredom while waiting.  There’s a million reasons to read.  And a million ways to devour the books we love.

Of course, those who don’t cherish books will tell you TV or music can do many of those things.  They can, but not like books.  Stories spun with words in the confines of your imagination have a particular power, don’t you think?  Books offer a kind of companionship I don’t get anywhere else--and not just because a book or an e-reader fits in my handbag or on my iPhone.

I was stuck waiting in the car the other day, pulled out my iPad, and was transported to Regency England for fifteen minutes. Yesterday, I dropped off more copies of my WWI historical HOMEFRONT HERO to a relative because more of her friends wanted to read the book.  After that, I drove an hour to meet some friends and the audiobook coming out of my phone educated me on how to build a better blog.  Then I came home and spent time with the characters from my upcoming book FAMILY LESSONS (April 2013) in 19th century Nebraska.  

Only my beloved Doctor Who can pull off better travel and time and space!

What about you?  How many places do books take you in a single day?  A single week?


  1. Dr Who is special isn't it.
    Books take me to many places. I read for entertainment, and to learn and for relaxation etc. Today I was taken to Ohio deep in Amish territory, With the main character being english, amid Amish, and ones who left the order we get the questions many of us would ask. Its cool (add a death etc its interesting).
    I use to read up to 3 book a week. In July I read 3 for the month but I did read 46% this afternoon so this book wont take 8 days I hope.

  2. Oh, tell me about the audio book coming out of your phone. I've gotten my Kindle audio book to work, but I can't stand the voice.
    Is the phone better?

  3. The audio book on my phone is from Audible, the audiobook subscription service. It's money well spent, because it means I get to books I wouldn't otherwise have time to read and makes my travel time productive. You can load audible onto almost any smart phone. I also think most smart phones have programs that will play the Mp3 files you can borrow from libraries. I've listened to audiobooks that way as well.

  4. Great topic about which to blog, Allie! Love my books. Just having a pile bedside brings joy at the end of a long day. Started a new suspense by Karen Rose last night. The story had me so engrossed I didn't want to turn out the lights!

    Also once I'm writing a new story, the hero and heroine's journey becomes my own. Often I'm worn out by the end of the story and thrilled that we've all survived another exciting ride! :)

  5. I read for entertainment mostly. Escapism, even, on occasion.

    I read paper books and on my Kindle. I would love an iPad! Maybe a new toy I'll be in the next year or so. :)

  6. I read some books over and over, like visiting the characters as old friends.
    But I like to make new friends too!

  7. I read a variety pending on what's happening in my life. In the last few weeks I've read Daughter of Texas (Suspense in Texas), Lone Defender (Suspense in Arizona desert), The Bull Rider's Baby (Love Inspired in Dawson) and currently reading Silent Governess by Julie Klassen (19th Century England). I love it cause it means I can travel overseas from Aus all for the cost of a book and Love Inspired gives me the range I need whether I need somethings to make me laugh (love inspired), add some adventure (suspense)or travel out west or to a time where women were treated like ladies.


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