Friday, August 10, 2012

Ask Elnora--About Tenacity??--Lenora Worth

Elnora is fashionably late this morning. But with a not so fashionable headache. But don't cry for me, Bloggerville. I took a migraine pill. I think the headache came after a few of my "church lady" friends and I cleaned up our class room just in time for the church's fifty year anniversary. The dust in our classroom must have been that old, too. And most of it went into Elnora's dainty little nose! So ..... headache in the middle of the night and the realization that alas, I didn't pre-schedule this blog! But not to fear. I already had my subject planned. Drumroll please.... The subject of today's post is TENACITY!!
This potato vine has tenacity. I posted a picture of this on Facebook a few days ago. Since then the potato vine has grown even more. It all started last summer when I placed a dish garden by the pool. It contained several different thrillers, fillers and spillers. The potato vine outlasted all the other plants well into fall. Big Daddy cleared and emptied the pot and moved it. This spring, however, a little bud began forming in a crack between the pool rim and the cool deck--literally between a rock and a hard place! And the picture you see is the result of that little bud. Potato vines have tenacity. This vine has become a symbol to me during this long, hot summer. Durng this long, hard year, too. Elnora is strong and determined and hard to break, but this year I came very close. The BIG move and packing for that, the BIG backache and trying to either ignore that or get well from that, and a lot of other life things had all gotten me down. But seeing this tenacious vine every day and watching it grow and thrive in the hot sun, well, that taught Elnora a valuable lesson. We can't give up. We can't let go. We have to hold tight to God's love. We have to draw from our own strength and the strength of our faith. I love that word, tenacity. It sounds tough and sure and confident. So, my little tator vine bloggers, let's discuss tenacity. What does it take to cling to the vine? What does it take to get out from between a rock and a hard place. Do you have tenacity?


  1. I think anyone who survives in this business has tenacity. :)

    Running late with a number of projects. No time to write more than a quick greeting.

    Happy Weekend, everyone!

  2. Debby is right. You have to have tenacity to be a writer. I'm sure there are many more occupations that require tenacity, too.

  3. Well said, and you have to have tenacity in a long distance way since you're in an office and agents and editors are miles away.
    Thank goodness for blog friends and crit groups.

  4. I so agree. This business can either make you strong or make you run screaming. But ... I love my job!!

  5. I have tenacity but often don't enjoy it. :-)

  6. Tenacity is such a nice word. I tend to call myself stubborn. I think I'll start saying I'm tenacious! :)

  7. Yes, tenacious sounds a bit more glamorous than stubborn. I might be both!!

  8. I love that word ever since my favourite footballer was said to be a tenacious player, I may not have known the word before but did after that and he did show great tenacity.

    I hope your headaches eased. I suddenly thought I didn't wake with a headache today and for that matter probably the last couple of mornings. That alone is a huge improvement.

    Missy I think Tenacity is a wonderful word it actually means much more than stubborn. To me it means willing to keep going when others would stop, to never give up. Like a dog with a bone they hold on and never let it go.

  9. Lenora,
    My dad wrote music, very since 1943 he tryed in every publishing place he could find to get them publish. It a hard world trying to get your meteral out there. He has some great songs, but he past away before they were published. You have to keep pushing, no matter what.